w-inds. Be as One PV

Frankly, by watching this PV is my very first time listening to this song. haha!

What can I say? I simply love it!! hehe! But I wish the PV could be a proper PV instead of a live PV.. but I guess they are holding the budget for Let's get it on's PV? haha!

Here is the PV. Click on this youtube link

Merry late Christmas everyone and Happy coming New Year. hehe!


Be as one/ Let's get it on covers

I know everyone should have seen this by now. haha!

Anyway, seeing that the days of this blog are numbered, I will post this up. hehe!

I love the cover! I prefer Version A (Be as one) and Regular edition's cover. Winter clothing!

However, version A's cover, their skin looks extremely snowy white. LOL!

Are they on commercial for some skin care products? haha! Just kidding~! ^_^

Here are the covers.


w-inds. new single + Blog announcement

First of all, I received a notification from HMV few days ago that w-inds. new single will be released on 2011.1.26.

Apparently it is a double A side single title Be as one/ Let's get it on.

Be as one is said to be the ending theme for Tokyo TV anime call Fairy Tail.

Let's get it on is a dance number song. It comes in 3 versions.

Version A will be Be as one/ Let's get it on that comes with a DVD, which consists of Be as one PV.

Version B will be Let's get it on/ Be as one that comes with a DVD that has Let's get it on PV.

Regular edition will be CD only and a special trading card of Fairy Tail.

Alright, now moved onto blog announcement. My blog announcement.

It's regret to inform you guys that I will cease all w-inds. operations (update and etc) from next year onwards. Reason being is, I find myself do not have the time to update anymore. I don't find myself going around checking on their news and so on. Most importantly, I have lost the passion of updating their stuffs.

I still like them but updating their stuffs are no longer a joy for me to do but I find it burdensome. LOL!

I don't want to leave my blog at here not updating anything; hence I have decided to delete this blog next year onwards.

As for youtube, I truly find ripping off from DVD, converting and uploading are of so much trouble and requires a lot of time; hence youtube too I will slow down. Not that I will cease updating on youtube but slow down. I will upload only whenever I feel like it. Also, if time permits.

I do know this day will come one day and I guess this is the time. I do still like w-inds. but I find my urge for them aren't as strong as before. Previously, whenever they have new release, I will pre-order it right away but now, I don't even have the time for it. I haven't even pre-order their new single and their concert DVD, I guess I have to cancel the pre-order soon and buy it next year.

I can see that buying w-inds. stuffs are no longer the priority in my life but I am still their fan. I still consider myself as one because I am still buying their release to support them. They are still my one and only idol. haha!

Alright, that's all from me. It has been a great time updating for so many years. It has been fun being able to grow with w-inds. when I am looking back now. hehe! It's been fun meeting all you fans too.

Stay well everyone!

Side note: Oh stranger, thank you for the correction. I am just not good in language (any language for that matter).. I always got corrected for my english too. But I think it's good to be corrected. So, thank you.



It's that time of the year again. Yup! It's none other than Japan's Record Taisho~

As Keita mentioned in his twitter as well that their song, New World, which is by Mr. Ryosuke Imai, has been nominated for excellent work award.

So, let's hope that New World can make it!

For the bunch of whole list, do visit their official website. hehe!

OMG! Keita wrote that? His English has really improved a lot eh. hehe! Who knows, one day his English will surpassed mine. haha! That's a sweet message. Although it's simple, it's sweet~


Happy Birthday to Chiba Ryohei!!

Today is Ryohei's special day. Well, I am sure everyday can be special to us but the day that we are born into this world is just special out of special. haha!

Due to the buziness of my work, I can't make anything to celebrate it. I remember last 3 years I made him a star shape rare cheesecake. Last 2 years a cake decorated with many soft candies and last year was a jelly cake.

Anyway, I am sure he will have a great day today!! Let us fans all over the world send in our blessings to him via twitter. hehe!

涼平くん、お誕生日おめでとう!! お楽しんで下さいね~ ^_^

oh btw, due to the special day, I am going to post a birthday greeting at bww2 forum. So, hearts, foua and yuki, if you girls can read this post today, do drop by w-inds. thread yeah. hehe!


Another World Live DVD information + cover

Here are more details of the DVD, such as track lists.

It consists of 2 DVD as per usual. First press comes with a postcard. Here is the cover.

1 New World
2 Rain Is Fallin'
3 Re:vision
5 Prayer
6 Cos Of You
7 Don't remind me
8 Nothing Is Impossible
9 Now You're Gone
10 Spiral
11 In The Red
12 Everyday
13 キレイだ
14 Truth ~最後の真実~
15 Some More
16 Addicted to love

EN1 四季
EN2 Paradox
EN3 SUPER LOVER~I need you tonight~
WEN Forever Memories

《Multi Angle》

【Disc2:Making Of w-inds. Live Tour 2010"Another World"】
Rehearsal & Backstage
Stage Direction
Off Stage


w-inds. Another World concert DVD

OMG! I guess I am really far behind w-inds. news ever since I sort of stopped checking due to work.

Anyway, how could the site didn't send me any notifications? lol

Well, I am sure this DVD's preorder is out quite a while ago perhaps but I just knew it. haha!

I have made my pre-order anyhow.

Here are the details.

Title: w-inds. Live Tour 2010 "Another World"
Price: 5,250 yen (incl tax)
Release date: 2010.12.22

Pre-order is out now. Cover of the DVD is not out yet. Gosh~! I might be away from my country during that week of the DVD released. WHY!!! Why is the DVD set to release on that week?! It's the busiest week for postage! It's Christmas week. Sigh~!


Tachibana Keita in Vanquish

I know I was late for this because I hardly check any news lately. LOL!

So, I discovered that Keita was in a fashion week's catwalk on October 19. It's a men's brand call Vanquish (ヴァンキッシュ).

Perhaps he can go into modelling if he isn't singing. haha! Still, singing is his number 1 passion.

I can really see the difference between Keita's and the rest of the male models. I always find models do have "that" look on them.

But looking at Keita's face, it won't give me feeling that he is a model. haha! He has the body and the height of a model but not really the look. Perhaps as he gotten more and more into it, he may develop that "look". haha!

Anyway, glad to see that there is another door opened for him. His hair... no comment. haha!

Oh dear, his face! So thin!!


w-inds. in Shanghai's video

Well, don't worry, I am not going to show any here or embed anything.

I am thinking why are there more and more video clips surfaced on the net of Shanghai live?

Fancam isn't allowed in concert am i not right?

Hardly anyone secretly recorded it during Japan's live but why are there so many illegal recordings done out of Japan's live especially the Shanghai's live?

It's against the concert's law to illegally record (fancam) and what's more if fans put it online for others to view?

All these matters will taken into considerations for the company whether or not to allow their artist to perform in their country again in the future.

I don't want to give too much opinion on those fans who recorded the live as perhaps they just want it as remembrance, so even though they knew it's wrong, they are still doing it.

Also, I know some fans might say that they do not have the chance to go to the live and so this give them an opportunity to watch it. Well, I didn't go to the live either but I didn't watch any of the uploaded fancam.

Have a good week ahead fellow fans.


More pics of w-inds. in Shanghai

Well, I must apologize for my on and off updates of w-inds.

Reason being is, I am getting lazy and lazier. Sigh~~

I didn't purposely to surf around or go around to check for their latest news and etc.. if at any time I just bumped into their news or heard from some fans, if I am not lazy, then I will update here.

But most of the times, I always hear about them elsewhere.. from fans and etc.. but didn't update here.  Oops!

Even their twitter, I hardly go in and check now.. only when I feel like it, I will sign in and see what's happening.

Well, can't help it when I am such a lazy fan. haha! Please forgive me.

Thanks to all the fans who keep updating me of their news regardless of whether I have heard or read or knew it elsewhere in advance ^_^

Alright~ Here are the pics.

The live in Shanghai ended smoothly. Someone secretly recorded a part of the live and streamed it on Tudou and youtube. But I didn't watch it. lol.. told you that I am lazy. haha!


w-inds. in Shanghai

Ohh finally! Their Shanghai's concert is here. hehe!

This is definitely not their first time visiting Shanghai or China, but it's their first live (concert) in China.

I was given 2 pictures taken by fans in the airport.

Of course the one who gave it to me isn't the one who snapped the photos. hehe!

They are looking good there. Keita's hair is getting better. haha!

The second pic, I totally can't see Ryo and Ryu. haha!

Photos by lanlan@Baidu


Another World additional live

Ryohei and Ryuichi tweeted that there will be an additional live for this year's live.

The date will be on 12/18 (December 18) at Yokohama Arena. Further information will be available at FC's postcard.

So, please wait for it~~

Wow! Winter concert? So cool. haha! So, perhaps they aren't having any Christmas live this year then?

Wait.. I have a feeling that this year too they aren't going to participate ... or can't take part in Kouhaku?

Wow! I guess I have missed 2 years of Kouhaku? Ever since w-inds. didn't take part, I have stopped watching Kouhaku entirely. hehe!

Anyway, Keita has changed his hairstyle.. which I am going to change mine too next week. hehe!

He permed it. haha! Still, I prefer his blonde hairstyle if compared to this. But oh well, Keita's hairstyle won't last long. So, no worries. hehe!


More pics of Girls Award Japan 2010

More clearer pics from sohu and wireimage.

Look at the image behind! I am dying soon. haha! Stay tough!!

Can't wait for the performance despite the expected possible death of heart attack. LOL!

ガールズアワード (Girls Award Japan 2010)

That moment of that time was here again for Girls Award Japan 2010. haha!

w-inds. performed at Yoyogi gymnasium yesterday for the World of Cawaii! in Girls Award JAPAN 2010 AUTUMN/WINTER TV Program.

Main vocal, Tachibana Keita, wearing blue P coat, gray pants to black hat appeared on stage.During the dance performance, there was a scene when Keita intertwined with a female model, it rose the entire 15,000 fans screamed.

w-inds. performed 2 songs, New World and Addicted to love.

This performance is reported to be on air on Fuji Television on October 23, 2010.

Keita with a model. (Oh no! There goes again T_T It's so hard to be Keita's fan. hahah!)

That's all for now. Though I might have hemorrhagic shock during or after watching this performance particularly at the interaction scene during New World, I still want to watch both performances T__T But I guess I should get ready to call the ambulance in case I am sent into heart attack or hemorrhagic shock. hahah! So, if you guys didn't see me updating for quite some time here, it could mean I am no longer here. LOL!

Just kidding yeah~ ^_^


Youtube announcement + w-inds. new single

For those followers at here who know about my youtube channel, which is purensacred, I just want to inform that from now onwards, there won't be any more vids uploaded at purensacred.

This account has gotten 2 strikes. Once was due to a JE's cover I did 1 year ago that got recently removed due to copyrights infringement. 2nd time was just few days ago on Addicted to love promotion video. It was reported by Japan's RIAA; hence the vid got removed. Sigh~

I don't want to risk this channel to get terminated because I have uploaded 699 videos and 95% of the videos are w-inds. private clips. The rest are my old cooking vids and covers. T_T

Years and years of efforts, I don't want to waste it. I don't want to see all the comments, likings and favorites that members gave me being terminated just like that. Therefore, I decided to privatized all the w-inds. promo vids. Only my old cooking vids and w-inds. covers are on public. Plus Morning Musume + Ice cream musume's cover and Kawabe Chieco's cover are on public. I really really hope none of these videos will get reported ever again. Otherwise, I have to bid farewell to all of those I have done before. T__T

Please don't report any of my public vids anymore.

Here is the link to my new account. Future w-inds. clips will be strictly on private and no more self-made promotion vids will be ever done to promote w-inds. new releases. Future covers will be on public as well.

For those who are on my private friends' listing now, if you still want to continue to receive w-inds. private clips from me, do add my new channel into your friends list and tell me that you want to be in my private listings.


Secondly, for w-inds. new single's news that I have posted earlier on, let's take that as rumor for now. The expected month of release is end of October as I have posted earlier but the announcement hasn't been posted at mobile site or any of w-inds. official PC site yet. In addition, based on usual record, if they are releasing anything at the end of October, the pre-order should have been out by now but it hasn't. So, I will take this news as rumor.

Alrighty, that's all for my today's announcement. Thank you for visiting my blog today.


w-inds. 29th double A side single

Their upcoming double A side single will be released on end of October.

The title of the single will be While sleeps/ Never again

The first song, "While sleeps" will be another production by Mr. Ryousuke Imai. It's a song with a feeling of future dance tune.

Never again is a sorrow medium tempo love song provided by BACKLOGIC or perhaps BACHLOGIC. BACHLOGIC is one of the music composer for Hybrid dream.

This single will be released in 3 versions and version A and B will come with an event draw lots ticket and first press sticker.

That's the brief information of this single for now.

I am absolutely excited for this single!!! haha! oh no!! I guess w-inds.M return DVD will have to wait again. yikes!!


w-inds. FC DVD "THE GOLDEN" + Live at Budokan

Lately I have been busy working; hence there is little update from me. haha!

Anyhow, w-inds. FC DVD's release is planned to release on October 2010.

It will be FC limited edition item as per usual.

Price will be at 4,571円 (excluding tax) 4,800円 (tax included) ※600円 (mailing but undecided)

Secondly, w-inds. summer tour in Japan has finally ended yesterday at Budokan. T__T

Keita too was too emotional and he cried as a result during the MC. Awww...

Above is a screen cap gotten from スパモニ morning news.

You guys can watch it here


World stage VMAJ 2010 + Twitter celebrity ranking

Fans, don't forget tomorrow.. I mean today.. hehe! to watch World Stage VMAJ 2010 at MTV yeah.

It will be aired worldwide in 150 countries!!

That is to say, w-inds. awesome performance will be known to the whole wide world!!

This is the time for them to SHINE to the entire world!!

Well, they are pretty shinning but not shinning enough!! They are perhaps crystal shine right now but we hope to push them to diamond shine!! hahaha!

So, don't forget to catch their performance yeah!!

World stage VMAJ 2010@MTV August 6, 2010 [23:00 ~ 24:00]

w-inds. will be performing New World!! Super energetic dance of all time. haha!

Last but not least,  Twitter celebrity hall of fame ranking... guess who is on the top?

This is only for Japanese celebrity.

Yes! It's none other than KT!! Ryuichi is at 2nd. haha!

Take a peep.


w-inds. M Returns DX DVD

Tomorrow is the official date of release eh.

I nearly forgotten about it. haha! The reason why would I forgotten about it is, I didn't pre-order. haha!

well, tight budget and all for this month and so, I have to wait for 2 more weeks in order to buy it. Sigh~

How I wish by then, the first press postcard is still available T__T

Here are the pics of the DVD.

The postcard

Owner of the pic yanting530@twitter

In the meantime, Ryohei's twitter has finally started!! yay! He has started to tweet as well. hehe!


Ohh in the meantime, do take a look at what ladydidy wrote at the fan's chat corner yeah. Do support w-inds. fans. Do it for the international fans. 


[July cover] w-inds. cover (Rain and Re:vision)

This month I have done Rain and Re:vision.

I used a total of 2-3 days to finish these 2 songs. haha!

I personally prefer Rain over Re:vision.. i mean my cover. lol

I had fun doing these 2 songs nonetheless. hahah!

If anyone of you are interested, do listen to it yeah. I am only doing for fun.. just like any other fans covering their own idol's songs. So, nothing serious here alright. hehe! It's all for fun.

Rain and Re:vision


Heart Pendant in Addicted to Love PV

I have been dreaming, thinking and yearning for that pendant ever since I first saw their single cover. haha!

Totally in love with it. But I don't know where to find it. Coincidentally, a fan told me it looks like one of the pendants she has, which is from Swarovski Crystal. Hers is pink color and it comes with a transparent version.

I wonder apart from Swarovski, does anyone know where else I can get similar pendant?

In the meantime, I will just hop into Swarovski boutique to check this pendant out. haha!

Here is the pic of the necklace from the PV

And this is from Swarovski. Apparently, I got to know that this is the old edition.

As they are now having a new winter collection and newer edition with rhodium-plated chain for this pendant.

I want to buy this so much but looking for if there is another alternative to this. This is by far I can see the most similar to the one in PV. haha!



There are 4 performances altogether for this and since I have uploaded Addicted to love before, I won't be posting it at here.

This is Re:vision. I really love the dance moves. Really soft, smooth and groovy. haha!


Can't get back will always be one of my favorites regardless of the song or the dance. hehe!

Can't get back

New World is great too! haha! One of the best dance moves they have. ^_^

New World

All links are uploaded on MF.


[DOWNLOAD] Addicted to love@CDTV

Here is the performance for CDTV.

You may get the file at here

Wow! I realized many have downloaded vids from my blog but not many bother to leave me any messages. Sigh~ sad sad.


[DOWNLOAD] Preview of Another World Live

This clip was taken from JIJIPRESS.

It has preview of their live and also a part of MC.

Also, at first I wanted to upload CDTV performance but I didn't realize I was actually downloading the whole thing. LOL!

However, the format of the clip disable me to cut it or even convert the clip. I tried to burn the clip and so I can have MPG format to cut out just w-inds. part, yet it says it's unsupported format.

Sigh~ So, there is no way for me to upload it. Will just wait for anyone that has just the w-inds. part. hehe!

Here is download of the live preview from JIJIPRESS.

If you don't want to download it, you may watch it from JIJIPRESS official youtube channel.

For those who would like to keep the clip, you may get it at Mediafire


Another World Live Songs list

I was too busy making and filming my July Bento tutorial for the entire day today. haha!

That's why I only have the time to realize and update the songs list. Most of you have probably knew this.

Anyway, here it is. I wish to see live performance for Rain though. Sigh~ It's such a great songs choices this year!


New World


Rain Is Fallin'




Cos Of You

Don't remind me

Nothing Is Impossible

龍一 Solo corner

Now You're Gone



涼平 Dance corner




Some More

Addicted to love






SUPER LOVER~I need you tonight~

Keita and piano and dancing?!! It's a must see then. haha!

Oh by the way, their Shanghai concert will be on October 16, 2010

One more thing, just want to share something to my viewers. haha!

This will be my bento tutorial for this month. What do you think?


w-inds. Another World Tour goodies

パンフレット ¥3000 (Pamphlet)

TシャツA ¥3000 (T-shirt A)

TシャツB ¥3200 (T-shirt B)

タオル ¥2000 (Towel)

バッグ ¥1600 (Bag)

ブレスレットライト 青、白 各¥1000 (Bracelet light; Blue and white)

ストラップ 各¥1000/3個セット ¥2800(Strap. 3 sets. BE@RBRICK×w-inds. collab)

ハンドタオル ¥500 (Hand towel)

トラベルセット ¥1600 (Travel set)

ジュエルクリップ ¥1500 (Jewel clip - Crystal and blue)

マグカップ ¥1300 (Mug cup)

ハンドミラー ¥600 (Hand mirror)

ルームウェア ¥4800 (Room wear)

イヤフォンアクセサリー&コード巻き ¥1200 (Ear phone accessory and cord roll)

スカーフ ¥2500 (Scarf)

バスタオル&ミニバッグ ¥3800 (Bath towel and mini bag)

メッシュキャップ 青/黒 各¥2000 (Mesh cap - blue and black)

フォトセット RYOHEI/KEITA/RYUICHI 各¥500 (Photo set)

ハート型コンチョ ¥1300 (Heart shape hair band)

バッグハンガー ¥1300 RYOHEIプロデュース (Bag hanger - Ryohei produce)

ポーチ ¥1000 KEITAプロデュース (Pouch - Keita produce)

石けん ¥800 RYUICHIプロデュース (Soap - Ryuichi produce

時計 ¥16000 Watch (Ice-watch x w-inds. collab) Limited quantity

Pictures are from winds_info@twitter