w-inds. Another World Tour goodies

パンフレット ¥3000 (Pamphlet)

TシャツA ¥3000 (T-shirt A)

TシャツB ¥3200 (T-shirt B)

タオル ¥2000 (Towel)

バッグ ¥1600 (Bag)

ブレスレットライト 青、白 各¥1000 (Bracelet light; Blue and white)

ストラップ 各¥1000/3個セット ¥2800(Strap. 3 sets. BE@RBRICK×w-inds. collab)

ハンドタオル ¥500 (Hand towel)

トラベルセット ¥1600 (Travel set)

ジュエルクリップ ¥1500 (Jewel clip - Crystal and blue)

マグカップ ¥1300 (Mug cup)

ハンドミラー ¥600 (Hand mirror)

ルームウェア ¥4800 (Room wear)

イヤフォンアクセサリー&コード巻き ¥1200 (Ear phone accessory and cord roll)

スカーフ ¥2500 (Scarf)

バスタオル&ミニバッグ ¥3800 (Bath towel and mini bag)

メッシュキャップ 青/黒 各¥2000 (Mesh cap - blue and black)

フォトセット RYOHEI/KEITA/RYUICHI 各¥500 (Photo set)

ハート型コンチョ ¥1300 (Heart shape hair band)

バッグハンガー ¥1300 RYOHEIプロデュース (Bag hanger - Ryohei produce)

ポーチ ¥1000 KEITAプロデュース (Pouch - Keita produce)

石けん ¥800 RYUICHIプロデュース (Soap - Ryuichi produce

時計 ¥16000 Watch (Ice-watch x w-inds. collab) Limited quantity

Pictures are from winds_info@twitter

[DOWNLOAD] Addicted to love@MTV

This is the full performance of Addicted to love.

They played the CD version background and Keita layered it with his live voice; however, the music is too loud that I can hardly hear his live voice. But at some part, you can see that Keita was just moving his mouth without singing. ahaha!

Anyway, I do think that this performance is slightly lacking of the energy.. Keita looked tired to me for some reason. haha!

Watch it and download it at 4shared

[Cover] w-inds. cover (Addicted to love)

Finally I am done with this song. haha!

Yeah I said that I will be recording Prayer and Addicted to love for June but then, I do not the mood to record Prayer. haha! Hence, I will leave this month with only Addicted to love.

I know that I don't have good voice to sing and so I don't expect much... but I just like to sing regardless of I sing it wonderfully or just in the shower. haha!


So, if anyone is interested, do listen to it yeah. But you have been warned. Just a fan having fun. haha!

This is with PV version

with PV


[DOWNLOAD] Addicted to love@Music Japan

Here is another performance for Addicted to love.

Due to it's Music Japan and NHK; hence during the performance, preview of Mattsugu was shown. hehe!

For anyone who is interested in this performance, you can download it below.

You may watch and download it at 4shared


[DOWNLOAD] Addicted to love@Happy Music

I was busy making the post single release promotion vid that I have totally forgotten about this video, which I should have uploaded this afternoon. haha!

Anyway, it's not too late. For those who wish to watch this performance, here it is.

Watch it and download it at 4shared

[Post promotion] w-inds. Addicted to love single

A little clip that I made for the single's post promotion. haha! Few screenshots taken from the clip preview. By the way, you guys can embed this clip onto your blog too. Spread it to as many people as possible. The more people view it, the better. haha!

I am in love with this necklace T__T

Loving Ryohei's shot at here ^_^

So lovely~

Watch it here


[Oricon Ranking] Addicted to love single ranking

It's the fourth day of the single release and Addicted to love has gone up to 2nd spot!!

Congratulations! I am truly happy with the result. haha!

Please produce more music as this.

Addicted to love singles pictures

Sorry that it took so long to post this up. My scanner isn't working anymore T__T

Hence, I decided to snap it using my digital camera instead. Sigh~ I have made a video as a post promo for this single but... until now I am still not able to upload it due to youtube. Will try a few times again.. even though I have tried it many times since few days ago.

Anyway, as usual, I have bought all the 3 versions and this time, the trading cards for Version A and B do not come with 4 kinds but just 1 kind. I love the singles and apart from Addicted to love, seems like the other 3 songs are kinda slow. hehe! Though I do like the other songs but the one that got me addicted to most of course is addicted to love. haha! Rain too is a song that I would love to cover.. but overall, I am liking all the 4 songs but Addicted to love is the catchiest and addicting. haha!

Here are the pics.Ohh one more thing, out of everything, I love the necklace the MOST!! haha!

Limited edition (CD + DVD)

Version A

Version B