w-inds. Be as One PV

Frankly, by watching this PV is my very first time listening to this song. haha!

What can I say? I simply love it!! hehe! But I wish the PV could be a proper PV instead of a live PV.. but I guess they are holding the budget for Let's get it on's PV? haha!

Here is the PV. Click on this youtube link

Merry late Christmas everyone and Happy coming New Year. hehe!


Be as one/ Let's get it on covers

I know everyone should have seen this by now. haha!

Anyway, seeing that the days of this blog are numbered, I will post this up. hehe!

I love the cover! I prefer Version A (Be as one) and Regular edition's cover. Winter clothing!

However, version A's cover, their skin looks extremely snowy white. LOL!

Are they on commercial for some skin care products? haha! Just kidding~! ^_^

Here are the covers.


w-inds. new single + Blog announcement

First of all, I received a notification from HMV few days ago that w-inds. new single will be released on 2011.1.26.

Apparently it is a double A side single title Be as one/ Let's get it on.

Be as one is said to be the ending theme for Tokyo TV anime call Fairy Tail.

Let's get it on is a dance number song. It comes in 3 versions.

Version A will be Be as one/ Let's get it on that comes with a DVD, which consists of Be as one PV.

Version B will be Let's get it on/ Be as one that comes with a DVD that has Let's get it on PV.

Regular edition will be CD only and a special trading card of Fairy Tail.

Alright, now moved onto blog announcement. My blog announcement.

It's regret to inform you guys that I will cease all w-inds. operations (update and etc) from next year onwards. Reason being is, I find myself do not have the time to update anymore. I don't find myself going around checking on their news and so on. Most importantly, I have lost the passion of updating their stuffs.

I still like them but updating their stuffs are no longer a joy for me to do but I find it burdensome. LOL!

I don't want to leave my blog at here not updating anything; hence I have decided to delete this blog next year onwards.

As for youtube, I truly find ripping off from DVD, converting and uploading are of so much trouble and requires a lot of time; hence youtube too I will slow down. Not that I will cease updating on youtube but slow down. I will upload only whenever I feel like it. Also, if time permits.

I do know this day will come one day and I guess this is the time. I do still like w-inds. but I find my urge for them aren't as strong as before. Previously, whenever they have new release, I will pre-order it right away but now, I don't even have the time for it. I haven't even pre-order their new single and their concert DVD, I guess I have to cancel the pre-order soon and buy it next year.

I can see that buying w-inds. stuffs are no longer the priority in my life but I am still their fan. I still consider myself as one because I am still buying their release to support them. They are still my one and only idol. haha!

Alright, that's all from me. It has been a great time updating for so many years. It has been fun being able to grow with w-inds. when I am looking back now. hehe! It's been fun meeting all you fans too.

Stay well everyone!

Side note: Oh stranger, thank you for the correction. I am just not good in language (any language for that matter).. I always got corrected for my english too. But I think it's good to be corrected. So, thank you.