w-inds. Another World concert DVD

OMG! I guess I am really far behind w-inds. news ever since I sort of stopped checking due to work.

Anyway, how could the site didn't send me any notifications? lol

Well, I am sure this DVD's preorder is out quite a while ago perhaps but I just knew it. haha!

I have made my pre-order anyhow.

Here are the details.

Title: w-inds. Live Tour 2010 "Another World"
Price: 5,250 yen (incl tax)
Release date: 2010.12.22

Pre-order is out now. Cover of the DVD is not out yet. Gosh~! I might be away from my country during that week of the DVD released. WHY!!! Why is the DVD set to release on that week?! It's the busiest week for postage! It's Christmas week. Sigh~!

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