w-inds. 29th double A side single

Their upcoming double A side single will be released on end of October.

The title of the single will be While sleeps/ Never again

The first song, "While sleeps" will be another production by Mr. Ryousuke Imai. It's a song with a feeling of future dance tune.

Never again is a sorrow medium tempo love song provided by BACKLOGIC or perhaps BACHLOGIC. BACHLOGIC is one of the music composer for Hybrid dream.

This single will be released in 3 versions and version A and B will come with an event draw lots ticket and first press sticker.

That's the brief information of this single for now.

I am absolutely excited for this single!!! haha! oh no!! I guess w-inds.M return DVD will have to wait again. yikes!!

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  1. Thanks for the news!

    And currently listening to your cover as I speak.