w-inds. and Poprainbow culture and music festival (update)

Alright, here is a little update on this event.

Start Time: Friday, 25 June 2010 at 09:00
End Time: Sunday, 27 June 2010 at 23:00
Venue: Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur
Ticket price: RM90, RM120, RM160, RM240, RM280, RM360, RM460, RM480

They are going to hold a press conference next month where artists that are attending the press conference will be Korean Taegoon and DNT, Malaysian Adam and Dior and Thailand's Tata Young.

Here is the seat plan for the event.

Thank you purelight for providing the date of the event. The rest of the information was provided by some Malaysian w-inds. fans. Thank you. Since there are 2 days, not sure which day that w-inds. will be participating. If there is any new update, I will update for you guys again. hehe! Lucky Malaysian w-inds. fans. Hope that w-inds. will really confirm of going yeah. I am sure they will.


w-inds. Don't remind me cover

I know this blog is to update anything to w-inds. stuffs.

Haha! But this is w-inds. related too anyway but my personal stuffs. hehe!

Here I have done Don't remind me for this month's cover.  Anyway anyone that has time on hand and feel like listening to it, please do so.

But I hope haters will leave my cover alone yeah. Go and disturb someone who is more famous on youtube. lol. I am just a tiny tiny dust on youtube; hence LEAVE ME ALONE!!

anyhow, comments are welcome. I mean meaningful comments not just "you suck!" or "this is terrible" will do. If i suck and sound terrible, tell me the reasons.


まっつぐ~ Theme song

Keita's new drama, which will be aired next month on NHK channel will be w-inds. upcoming new song call "Addicted to love"

Looks like they are going to release a new single soon. haha! Can't wait to listen to it.

Somehow, I thought I have heard of this song name somewhere? But I can't remember what and where. haha!

This drama will be aired on 2010.4.17, every Saturday at 7.30pm. It has 13 episodes altogether.

w-inds. and Poprainbow culture and music festival.

Theme: Where's The Modern Pop Meet Traditional Culture All About!!
Concept: 5 Fandom from 5 Pop country - Malaysia Japan Korea Thailand & Taiwan.
Activities: Concert, Food Festival, Dance Competition, Cosplay , Culture Show, Stalls , Cooking Competition, Coloring Contest and many more...

This is going to be in Malaysia. Date and venue are unknown yet. Here are more information

Poprainbow Music Festival
Korea : Kim Taegoon, DNT, 2ne1
Japan : W-inds, Tamaki Hiroshi
Malaysia : Adam af, Dior
Thailand : Tata Young, Taechin, B.O,Y
Taiwan : will update soon!
Ticket price: RM90, RM120, RM160, RM240, RM280, RM360, RM460, RM480


Twitter (Tweet tweet)

Hahah! I am sure many of you have known that Ryuichi has a twitter account right?

I have twitter since last year but not really sign in to tweet but lately i have been tweeting like crazy due to Ryuichi.

And now.. just a few minutes ago, Keita has opened his Twitter account too! In less than 30mins, he has flooded with followers. haha!

He tweeted to Ryuichi by saying sorry for the late reply as he still doesn't really know how to use it and asked Ryuichi to teach him. lol

oh dear... just hope that he will tweet more yeah.. since he has abandoned his blog for quite some time now. haha! This is going to be fun!


Another World@Oricon Ranking

The result is out!! Here it is. haha! Though I expected it to be higher but it's still good with this position! This album totally deserved more recognition! haha!


Ryuichi's new message

Ryuichi posted this pic and wrote "Thank you for"HELLO" But,Can't not see Keita's arm.I'm sorry."

Hahhaha! That's hilarious! I think they did it on purpose. ^_^

You guys.. work hard yeah tonight. I think I have to sleep at 2am too due to assignment T__T 

Then 5am have to get ready to for my hospital training. Sigh...

Short messages

Ryuichi is on his "Nature" mood today again. haha! Thanking the air that he breathe, the food that he ate and etc. lol

Ryuichi said he has done recording.

Keita was talking what's Another World all about.

Keita said he has to work until 2am today and the next thing, he has to wake up by 6am again. awwww...

Finally, here is a pic of their Another World at the back of KitKat. haha! Ryohei is in the background.


Ryohei's Ameba blog

Ryohei's Ameba blog has officially re-open again!

Go here to check it out. No new update so far but soon he will be.

More of radio preview of Another World album

Keita has aired 4 songs from their upcoming album through his radio station.

He played nothing is impossible, in the red, some more and re: vision.

Honestly, after listening to spiral, cos of you and those songs that mentioned above, this album has really gave me good feelings about it. It's definitely something that I am really looking forward to. hehe!

So many songs that I want to cover too. lol.

Pre-order is out now w-inds. fans! So, make sure to place your order yeah.

Preview of the above mentioned songs are posted on my playlist, which is on the right.


Ryohei's blog returned?

It's said that Ryohei's blog at Ameba is going to return on March.

Heard that it could be another limited edition blog again. *sigh*

Why not just stay permanent once and for all? lol

Ok.. we will just wait for it then.. perhaps he is using that blog for w-inds. new album or w-inds. M returns and such.

Can't wait for it. So, Ryohei's fans, watch out for that yeah.