Tachibana Keita in Vanquish

I know I was late for this because I hardly check any news lately. LOL!

So, I discovered that Keita was in a fashion week's catwalk on October 19. It's a men's brand call Vanquish (ヴァンキッシュ).

Perhaps he can go into modelling if he isn't singing. haha! Still, singing is his number 1 passion.

I can really see the difference between Keita's and the rest of the male models. I always find models do have "that" look on them.

But looking at Keita's face, it won't give me feeling that he is a model. haha! He has the body and the height of a model but not really the look. Perhaps as he gotten more and more into it, he may develop that "look". haha!

Anyway, glad to see that there is another door opened for him. His hair... no comment. haha!

Oh dear, his face! So thin!!

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  1. I'm late, too, to check their news.

    I saw that Keita is going to be in Musical Reading "Saigo no Ichimai no E" (音楽朗読劇「最後の一枚の絵」) between December 15-19.

    And they were in NHK BS1 Asia Crossroad on October 25, 2010. I missed it, so I don't know why they were there.