w-inds. M Returns DX DVD

Tomorrow is the official date of release eh.

I nearly forgotten about it. haha! The reason why would I forgotten about it is, I didn't pre-order. haha!

well, tight budget and all for this month and so, I have to wait for 2 more weeks in order to buy it. Sigh~

How I wish by then, the first press postcard is still available T__T

Here are the pics of the DVD.

The postcard

Owner of the pic yanting530@twitter

In the meantime, Ryohei's twitter has finally started!! yay! He has started to tweet as well. hehe!


Ohh in the meantime, do take a look at what ladydidy wrote at the fan's chat corner yeah. Do support w-inds. fans. Do it for the international fans. 

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  1. Yay~, Ryohei-san finally began his twitter. Now I can see his updates!

    Nice, I forgot about w-inds.M Return DX DVD!! But I wish I could buy it!!