New images from w-inds.tv

Here are a few new images from w-inds.tv. Love it! Now I know what do they look like. I just can't seem to get the right word to describe their style and look at here. haha! But now that word popped up in my mind. It's those western vampires!! LOL!!! yeah! A handsome one of course. hehe!






Another world album tracks list (FULL)

Here is the full songs list for their upcoming album. I am super excited already. I wonder how does those song sound like. Apart from New World, there are 2 more songs that's the work of Ryosuke Imai as well. hehe!

<DISC 1>

1. Intercode
作詞/作曲/編曲:Ryosuke Imai   

2. New World
作詞/作曲/編曲:Ryosuke Imai 
作詞:shungo./作曲:Jacob Olofsson / Magnus Lidehall/編曲:Koma2 Kaz  

4. Revision
作詞/作曲/編曲:Ryosuke Imai
5. Nothing Is Impossible
作詞:shungo./作曲:Magnus Lidehall/Jacob Olofsson/編曲:Koma2 Kaz
6. Rain Is Fallin'
作詞:shungo./作曲:Magnus Lidehall / Jacob Olofsson/編曲:Koma2 Kaz
7. Some More
作詞:Shoko Fujibayashi/作曲/編曲:Martin Hanzen/Mohombi Mopundo
8. Don't Remind Me
作詞:shungo./作曲:Ali Tennant/Jonas Jeberg/Mitch Hansen/編曲:Koma2 Kaz
9. In The Red
作詞:Kiyohito Komatsu/作曲/編曲:Darren Martyn/Karl Gordon 

10. Truth~最後の真実~
12. Cos Of You
作詞:Kiyohito Komatsu/作曲/編曲:Darren Martyn   

13. Prayer
作詞:shungo./作曲:Magnus Lidehall/Jacob Olofsson/編曲:Koma2 Kaz 

14. Spiral
作詞:shungo./作曲:Jonas Jeberg/Mitch Hansen/Lil Eddie/編曲:Koma2 Kaz 

15. Everyday
作詞/作曲:tetsuhiko/編曲:中野定博 / tetsuhiko

I am really looking forward to another 2 songs from Ryosuke Imai-san as I really like New World. hehe! And of curse DON'T REMIND ME!!


w-inds. Another World album's cover

Here is the jacket for both limited edition and regular edition.

I must say, I was shocked when I saw that! Haha! Was it their make up or was it being photoshopped? They look so different! haha!

Oh wow!! Really really unique. Indeed it's their another world eh. Another world of them to us fans too. lol

I am so excited now.

w-inds. fans, PLEASE BUY THEIR ALBUM TO SUPPORT THEM! If we don't support them, they are not able to go on. PLEASE PURCHASE THEIR ALBUM!

Pictures taken with a mobile phone.

CD + DVD version. Very western ancient type of photos. haha! I really wish they can show the jacket shoot for this album T__T

Regular edition.

Here is another pic that's related to the jacket. I think it should be photoshop eh. Ryohei looks so different. haha! Love this pic! This pic is their newest profile's pic at VF site.                                                                 


w-inds. 2010 Fan Club event decided!

It has been decided that w-inds. FC event for this year will be centering around Golden Week's holidays in the last ten days, from April stretched right up until May of 2010.

The event will be held in 5 places such as Sendai, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and Fukuoka.

The theme for this FC event is unknown yet.

That's all for the information for now. Any added information in the future will be posted again.

Sources from Vision Factory

Wow! FC is here again eh. Time flies really fast. Scary. haha! By the way, this year's FC event starts a bit late right? Usually they start in early Spring. Perhaps has to be in harmony with Keita's acting activity. Perhaps he will be busy promoting his new drama on that time since his drama will be on NHK in April too.

I just hope that he won't overworked himself. *sigh*


CDTV voting + まっつぐ~鎌倉河岸捕物控~ shooting

It's around that time of the year again right? For CDTV voting. haha!

It's a vote for 「恋人にしたいアーティスト」. Which artist that you want him to be your lover.

I remember when I first started to like w-inds./ Keita, he was already in CDTV top 10 list until now. haha!

I have just voted for him again. You can vote as many times as possible.

So, all you have to do is to go to CDTV website, fill in the name of the artist, your own nickname, which prefecture you are from, your sex and age range.

Note: if you aren't from any of the prefecture, just select the last option 「その他」 will do.


On the other hand, Keita's shooting for his upcoming Spring drama has been identified. haha! It's at Tochigi-ken (栃木県) Kantou area. It's about a few hours away from Tokyo and hence it's believed that Keita might not be able to go back to Tokyo for quite some time due to filming. Due to the fact that he is the main character and so, there will be more scene of him. Therefore, chances of him being there will be quite long. So, I guess in the meanwhile all w-inds. activities will be put aside or is scheduled between the schedule where he doesn't have to go filming on that day.

But thinking of the fact that he has to travel to and fro Tochigi and Tokyo T__T Anyway, the shooting place is very not congested and of course not as busy as Tokyo. I believe they are going to have a good time shooting there.

That's all from me. Until my next update, have a nice weekend. ^_^

w-inds. 8th album "Another World" ~ from Vision Factory

Alright, here is another update from Vision Factory announcing the release date of their new album has been decided, which increases and strengthen the reliability of the news. haha!

But then Vision Factory has only released the 6 tracks from their 3 previous double A-side single, whereas the rest of the extra songs that Shinseido released yesterday aren't mentioned by Vision Factory and it's yet to be confirmed.

First press regular edition will come with an IC protection sheet. It's a w-inds. x Usavich collaboration character ZUMUSHABIN, which was designed/ drawn by Keita, which is suitable to be attached to cards such as Suica, Pasmo and etc.

Pre-order is out now and I have just pre-ordered mine, both editions. Have you pre-order yours yet? hehe! Do support them by purchasing their album.

w-inds. New Album Release決定!
「Another World」

PCCA.03126 \3,990(税込)
◇VIDEO CLIP 6曲(曲順不同)
・Rain Is Fallin'
・New World
・Rain Is Fallin' ~FCLT 2009Ver.~

PCCA.03127 \2,940
・w-inds.×USAVICH コラボレーションIC保護シート

・Everyday (NTV「THE・サンデーNEXT」エンディングテーマ)
・CAN'T GET BACK (NTV「スーパーチャンプル」エンディングテーマ)

・Rain Is Fallin' (NTV「江川×堀尾のSUPERうるぐす」テーマソング)
・HYBRID DREAM (NTV「秒ヨミ!」テーマソンク)

・New World (NTV「Dr.House」シーズン2 エンディングテーマ)
・Truth~最後の真実~ (TBS「あらびき団」エンディングテーマ)



w-inds. 8th album (Another World) updated information!

Here is an update information on their new album, Another World.

Alright, I must say this news is for real!! Shinseido has updated the info and so I can say that I believe it 100% now. haha!

Some songs list has been confirmed and released and the rest aren't yet. Here are the name of the songs that will be included in the album.

Tracks list:

Can't get back
Rain is falling
Hybrid Dream
New World
Truth ~最後の真実~
Don't Remind me
In the Red

*The rest is unknown yet. A total of 15 tracks.

As for the DVD it's going to have the past 6 PVs from the past 3 double A-side singles.

Everyday PV
Can't get back PV
Rain is falling PV
Hybrid dream PV
New World PV
Truth ~最後の真実~ PV

Special bonus:
Rain is falling (FCLT version)
※ It's a live performance footage from their fanclub tour.

I must say that I am not too keen for what's in the DVD as I have bought all the previous 3 double A-side singles; hence I have all those PVs but it could be a bonus for fans who didn't buy the singles or didn't buy both version A and B singles or fans who bought just the regular versions. Anyhow, I want to watch their FC version of Rain is falling. haha! I am going to buy both versions as per usual. Aww.. there goes my plan for hair coloring. Have to postpone again due to saving money for their albums. hehe!

Will update more on their covers as well as the rest of the songs in the album. I am so excited!! Don't remind me is in the album!! I am so happy!!!! Hope that you fans are as happy as me as well. hehe!


w-inds. New Album (Another World)

Are you fans ready?!

It's w-inds. new Album's info!!

New album has been decided.

Title: Another World (2 versions)

Price: 3,990 yen
DVD consists of: 6 PVs that come in the past 3 double A-side singles.
                           2009 Fan Club foootage

CD only
Price: 2,940
First press: Comes with w-inds. and Usavich collaboration IC protection sheet.

Release date: 2010.3.10

That's the information for now. Tracklists and all are not out yet. Please! I want don't remind me!! Please include don't remind me in the album!

Reminder: This information doesn't come from any of their official site such as w-inds.tv or Vision Factory nor any official CD site such as Shinseido. I will only 100% believe this info when any of these site updated it.


まっつぐ~鎌倉河岸捕物控~ picture update

Here is a picture taken from a blog.

The drama has start shooting and these casts were having their meal together while filming.

Keita wasn't there. Perhaps he was busy or perhaps his scene isn't there yet. haha!

Ohh pretty girl eh. Don't tell me this drama is about 3 young boys falling for the same girl? *sigh* If that's.. pretty predictable, isn't it? This drama is about frienship, love, poor and rich.. how they all work together.

Anyway, please don't judge saint! Relax!! *Breathe deeply* LOLOLOL!

Alright... that girl is so sweet.. aww..

Edo era eh.


w-inds. New album ~ Truth or Rumor?

Well, there is this rumor flying around saying that w-inds. new album will be released on 2010.3.10.

Do you hope it's true? I just hope it will be out after the 18th because I need to cut my hair!!

No money to buy w-inds. new album if their album is set to released on the above date. haha!

Anyway, truth or rumor, I am still excited to know the truth. hehe!

Fans, let's wait for it yeah.


Tachibana Keita in his new drama.

I wasn't at home lately; hence I can't update anything but now here is a quick update for his new drama.

Japan's idol group, w-inds. lead vocal Tachibana Keita is going to play an ancient role from NHK drama call "Mattsugu~Kamakura Kawagishi Torimono Hikae (まっつぐ~鎌倉河岸捕物控~)", which will be aired on Saturday during April. This will be his first leading role in a drama series and also his first participation in ancient era play.

Tachibana Keita's participation in last year's October drama "Ohitorisama", took up the supporting actor role and that was his first participation for drama series, and now on his second role has instantly earned him a leading role.

His role is playing someone who doesn't care on what matter, he will boldly move forward, young man. Keita has expressed his first experienced on putting on a headgear by saying "I think I am very suitable with this kind of image/ dress up but I do not know what will others think about..."

w-inds. is constantly been compressed/ pressured by the Johnny's idols group and in many of the program shows, as long as there is Johnny's artists participate, usually and mostly, w-inds. isn't allow/ permit to participate as well but this time, Keita has used his own strength to defeat the Johnny's and is picked by the NHK to play this leading role in their upcoming drama; causing many people to believed that the Johnny's empire power has started to slide.

Here is a pic of his role. I find this really funny. haha!

2010.4.17 start!
Time: 19.30~20.00
Casts: 橘慶太 (w-inds.), 中尾明慶, 小柳友 (ooh! Handsome. haha), 南野陽子, 松平健 and etc.
So, if this drama is all about how a man work very hard to strive forward all the time no matter what happened, minus all the lovey-dovey story, then I will watch it. haha! If there is going to be any love story, which I am not sure.. but heard some fans said that it does, then I will not probably watch it. haha!

I need to save my heart as well from being attacked suddenly. hahaha!


Tachibana Keita in a new drama?! For real!!

Oh my gosh! So, he is really going to be in a new drama!!

Ok.. love story again but this will be way past back.. not modern times.

I have to step out now; hence I can't elaborate any longer.

Here is a picture of him

I am going to have heart attack, really.

Love story? I don't think I am going to watch. T__T

Can't take it anymore. haha!

Of course he looks good in that minus his hair. haha!

[DOWNLOAD] w-inds. X'mas event from Vision cast

I never intend to upload this for download but because someone has asked for it; hence I am putting it up here. hehe!

So, whoever is interested in this vid too you may take it.

I have uploaded this on my youtube before and so for those who are on my list, you would have seen this before.

Click for download.


Tachibana Keita in a new drama?!

AGAIN?!!! Oh no! Why?!!

I almost got a heart attack watching Ohitorisama and I hope that will be his last..

But why?!!!!!!!!! I don't think I can take it anymore. haha!

It's said that he is going to be in this winter's drama.

Not as a regular but going to be appear in certain episodes.

If there is any new info, I will keep you guys updated. Hopefully, I got it all wrong. lol

I don't want to get another cardiac arrest. sigh. hahah!

Edit: Alright! It's all just my false illusions and misunderstanding. haha! Keita will only appear in that magazine this month's issue. hehe! Phew! I am so relief right now. LOL! Silly me, I know. haha!

Keita in Australia?

According to some Korea and Japanese fans of DBSK, they said that Keita has gone to Australia with Jae Joong.

As I have mentioned earlier on my youtube that w-inds. will usually get a one week or so holidays during New Year and some Japanese fans did see Keita appeared at Narita airport as well.

If this news is true, it shows that Keita and Jae Joong are really close eh. I mean instead of going with their own members, they gone together. haha!

These 2 guys... haha!

We'll see if Keita will mention about this vacation or not yeah... if it's true. haha!

Note: Sorry that I wrote Italy earlier on.. it was actually Australia. Due to my chinese limitation, I thought that word is Italy but when I used the translation engine, it's actually meant Australia. ^^; haha! Ohh someone left me a comment saying Jae Joong, Yoo Chun and Joon Su are in Australia right now through a fancam. We'll see if Keita is there with them or not. haha!

Anyway, the fancam that was mentioned earlier is this.
Truly can't see Keita around eh. So, did he actually go? haha! We'll see and we will know it soon.

Fancam of them 3 in Sydney

Edit: Ohh! By the way, there are fans in Australia said Keita was seen in Melbourne yesterday; hence that's why today's fancam did not have Keita but even Keita is with them, I think Keita will go the other way. Ahh! So many speculations right now on where is Keita. haha! Hopefully he will tell us about it after his vacation. hehe! so now us fans are saying, if it's true that Keita was seen in Melbourne yesterday and DBSK arrived Sydney today, then they aren't going together. Coincidentally, these guys are heading to Australia? lol Some DBSK fans said that the DB boys are there for works and some said no. But if it's a vacation, then why would there were fans waiting for them in the airport with cameras and banners? Shouldn't it be a private holidays? whereas Keita has no fancam or whatsoever.. it's just a word of mouth so far.. hence if it's true, Keita is having a private vacation to Australia. haha!

Oh well, oh well.. let's wait if Keita will mention anything about this.


[DOWNLOAD] w-inds. Rain is falling@CDTV Year End Special Live

Here are the downloads for both the performance and the karaoke session that Keita participated. hehe!

Click here for download. Format is in mp4.

Click here for the performance. Format is in mp4 as well.


[SCREEN CAPS] w-inds. Rain is Falling@CDTV Special Premier


It's almost 5am right now. Can't believe that I stayed up all the way just because of w-inds. LOL!
I am soooo sleepy right now!! >_<

So, this segment was when they were having a karaoke session and of course only Keita participated from w-inds. hehe! So, a different song will be played for a little while and each of them took turn to sing. Keita's voice was so high pitch >_< haha! He sang only once though.

Keita's turn to sing now. hehe!

Keita was moving to the beat when KAT-TUN's song being played.

Finally! It's w-inds. turn. >_<

Alright guys, will update until here and will upload the performance when I got up from my beauty sleep. hehe! Those on my youtube, if you have watched the performance somewhere while I am sleeping, do let me know by leaving me a message either at here or youtube, so that when I got it uploaded, I don't have to send it to you guys yeah.

Happy New Year once again peeps.