[DOWNLOAD] Preview of Another World Live

This clip was taken from JIJIPRESS.

It has preview of their live and also a part of MC.

Also, at first I wanted to upload CDTV performance but I didn't realize I was actually downloading the whole thing. LOL!

However, the format of the clip disable me to cut it or even convert the clip. I tried to burn the clip and so I can have MPG format to cut out just w-inds. part, yet it says it's unsupported format.

Sigh~ So, there is no way for me to upload it. Will just wait for anyone that has just the w-inds. part. hehe!

Here is download of the live preview from JIJIPRESS.

If you don't want to download it, you may watch it from JIJIPRESS official youtube channel.

For those who would like to keep the clip, you may get it at Mediafire

1 comment:

  1. lol~~, Ryuichi-san is regrettable for not having soccer as an interest and that both Ryohei-san and Keita-san have meru-tomo!!