More pics of w-inds. in Shanghai

Well, I must apologize for my on and off updates of w-inds.

Reason being is, I am getting lazy and lazier. Sigh~~

I didn't purposely to surf around or go around to check for their latest news and etc.. if at any time I just bumped into their news or heard from some fans, if I am not lazy, then I will update here.

But most of the times, I always hear about them elsewhere.. from fans and etc.. but didn't update here.  Oops!

Even their twitter, I hardly go in and check now.. only when I feel like it, I will sign in and see what's happening.

Well, can't help it when I am such a lazy fan. haha! Please forgive me.

Thanks to all the fans who keep updating me of their news regardless of whether I have heard or read or knew it elsewhere in advance ^_^

Alright~ Here are the pics.

The live in Shanghai ended smoothly. Someone secretly recorded a part of the live and streamed it on Tudou and youtube. But I didn't watch it. lol.. told you that I am lazy. haha!

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