w-inds. Tachibana Keita's Ameba blog ranking

Wow! Recently Keita's blog at Ameba is skyrocketing the chart in Ameba ranking. haha!

When he started off his Michishirube's blog on his solo debut at the year of 2006, he got the first prize for being the most popular blog at Ameba and then right after that, his blog has gone down the hill because he hardly renew. haha!

Lately, his blog shoot up again dramatically and fans have been saying it's due to the power of w-inds. + DBSK. LOL! Well, I do believe that his friendship with the boys especially Jae Joong will help fans from both groups to notice one another.

In addition, his latest entry, which was about going to karaoke with Jae Joong, Yoo Chun and Jun Su, the entry titles "Ohisashiburi", the comment for that entry is ranked at 2nd place for having the most comments. hehe!

Here are the rest of the ranking.

The overall ranking. Yesterday was 7th place and now 3rd place

Under music category. For his latest entry of "Ohisashiburi". Yesterday was 10th and now 4th.

Born in the 80's category. Yesterday was 31st and now is 12th.

Comment category. For the latest entry "Ohisashiburi". 2nd place

Congratulations to Keita! You have regained the glory of your blog once again. LOL!

[SCREEN CAPTURE + SHORT STORY] Precious moment from 第51回日本レコード大賞.

Haha! I just can't get enough of yesterday's night moment and I did a few screen capture of the moment of them walking down the stairs with GD before their performance. haha!

This is purely for fun yeah.

First of all, once they came out from the door, Ryuichi walked so freely by raising up his feet so high up to walk.. I guess he wanted to tease Ryohei of his injured leg. haha! Of course not! I was just kidding. hehe!

After that, Ryuichi kept looking at Ryohei and smile and he kept looking at Ryohei's leg to check if he is alright. haha!

Then Ryuichi asked Ryohei "Ryohei-kun, are you alright? Can you walk? Do you need my help? He held out his hand to Ryohei."

Ryohei looked at his hand and said "Aww.. Ryuichi-kun, you are such a kind person. I am so touched by your concern."

Ryuichi then said, "I really admire your professionalism Ryohei-kun. You are my idol right now." Ryohei laughed and told Ryuichi, "Ahh! Ryuichi-kun thank you so much.. but I actually learned it from you though. haha!" *Recalling how Ryuichi injured his leg during Yoyogi live* Then Ryuichi said "Come! Let's put up a good show yeah!"

Ryohei then held out his hand to shake Ryuichi's hand and said "Yup! We can definitely put up a good show for everyone tonight."

Then both Ryo and Ryu were laughing happily ever after and they neglected Keita behind them. T__T Anyhow, because Keita saw them laughing so happily, he too was laughing ever brightly. Then GD-san was looking at them 3 and wondered "Why are these 3 guys laughed so happily? Their relationship must be really good." hahah!

Last but not least, Keita will never forget to use his mesmerizing eyes to kill off their fans to end the show. haha!

What I have written up there are all created by me of course. haha! It's not real. lol

第51回日本レコード大賞 Talking part

Well, there was a talking segment before the performance of course but I didn't upload it on my youtube but I am sure you guys can get it plenty on youtube uploaded by both BB's fans and w-inds. fans. hehe!

Basically, they were asked how does the collaboration started? Then Keita said last year October when they were in Korea for their musical festival, they saw BB's performance and think it's awesome; hence Keita has requested their leader, Gdragon for a collaboration. Turned out that GDragon has been really kind; hence he has accepted the request. ^_^

That's how the collaboration started. hehe!

The performance was totally hyper! The entire environment for it, the way Keita and GD collaborated are so in sync.. pretty sure they have scripted how they wanted it to be and all but anyhow, everything went well and smooth.

Despite Ryohei has injured his leg a day before this show, he can still put up a good performance without anyone noticed that he had actually injured his leg is superb! So professional.

I can't help but to capture this moment of how Keita ended the performance. It's super charming! Love that so much. haha! That's how I end my day as well. Goodnight everyone.

Anyone looking for the download of this performance, refer to my previous post. w-inds. Rain is Falling has won the excellent work prize award while Big Bang has won the new comer award for the night.


[SCREEN CAPS + DOWNLOAD] 第51回日本レコード大賞

w-inds. has just finished performing their Rain is Falling with GD.

It's another awesome performance!! I love it love it..

GD's hair is ... cute. haha! Looks very much like a mushroom style eh. haha!

Ryohei has bleached his hair to blonde.

Ryuichi's hair.. curly?

Keita's hair is as handsome as ever!

Love the performance!! I just can't stop screaming while watching it. hehe!

Here is the screen caps.

Because I was capturing this while watching it; hence I captured not many. haha! No worries, will upload the performance once it's available. hehe!

So, keep checking and waiting yeah.

Here is the download

w-inds. Ryohei injured his leg!

According to CDTV special report, Ryohei injured his leg and he is now on crutches. T__T

Now, they are worry about tomorrow's performance. Can Ryohei perform today?! Can w-inds. perform without Ryohei?!

Need to have crutches mean the injury is not light though...

And so Ryohei ends his year with leg injury.

涼平くん大丈夫ですか? 頑張って!!

We are all now worry but to hope for the best for them.


news from CDTV special, mobile site.


Birthday announcement + CDTV Special New Year's eve Premiere Live list of artists

First of all, today, 12.28 is my birthday!! haha! Don't ask how old I am eh.. it's secret!! lol

Hence I have uploaded w-inds. cover Tribute and Ageha to celebrate it. haha!

Please listen to it everyone. Btw, for those that the player in this blog is giving you the problem on viewing youtube at the same time, do exit this page first before viewing. hehe!

w-inds. cover (Tribute and Ageha)

Alright, now.. here is the list of artist who are going for CDTV year end special event. Yay! For w-inds. ^^

Aqua Timez

*YAWN* I am turning in right now. Goodnight ~ ^_^/~~


Ryohei's Ameba blog

Ohh! I know this is very very late because I kept forgetting to post it here whenever I post a new entry. haha!

Ryohei's 2 weeks limited edition blog at Ameba is closed already.

So sad.. I wonder why was that 2 weeks limited edition blog for. lol.

Anyhow, I had fun reading and commenting on his blog. hehe!


[DOWNLOAD] New World at Music Fighter + Rambling

WOOHOO!! Celebrating my 100th post! Can't believe that I have posted so much in such a short period of time. haha! Though not many fans are following my blog and commenting on my blog, I do know many fans are visiting my blog everyday!

Thanks to google analytics. wahahahha! But that make me "kinda" sad at the same time. While I can see many beauty blogs and etc blogs are flooded by followers and comments, why is that so many people visited this blog everyday yet none are leaving me messages? haha!

I guess my blog about w-inds. aren't attractive or interesting enough for followers and comments. But anyway, I do not want to upload all of w-inds. DVDs, albums and singles for downloads just to attract more viewers because I am a w-inds. supporter to encourage fans to purchase the originals. The reason why I said this is because there are some fans who have suggested me to do so. Oh well... no, I am not buying this idea. haha!

Alright, enough with my pathetic rambling. hehe! Christmas had just over a day ago and am here presenting you with another download of their last performance of New World at Music Fighter.

There will be one more performance from them at CDTV annual special but not sure what song are they going to perform yet.

I think Keita's voice was a bit trembled in this live.

Get the awesome performance at 4shared.

[DOWNLOAD] w-inds. Don't remind me@Sweet Fantasy Live in Taiwan

This is the full version for Don't remind me live.

Every time I listen to this song, I will have this really excited feeling of falling in love. haha! If you know what I mean.

Falling deeper and deeper in love with w-inds. or shall I say Keita. haha!

They are just so awesome!! This song, the dance, the performance.. the vocal.. everything seems so perfect in this live!!

Anyway, as perfect as it seems, I present this clip to all my blog readers as your Christmas present. haha!

Merry Christmas everyone and stay warm. ^_^ Let's not forget the true meaning of Christmas.

Click to get your X'mas gift from me to my blog readers of w-inds. fans. ^_^

[SCREENCAPS] w-inds. New World@Music Fighter

Here are a few screen caps from their Music Fighter performance. hehe!

This performance is just as awesome as all those previous New World performance but of course better than Music Fair.. was it Music Fair? The one that Keita looked really down for some reason. haha!

Anyway, love to see them full of smilies and charming faces during their performance. hehe!

Oh no! no Ryohei's cap at all?


Merry Christmas to w-inds.!!

Wow! Hong Kong fans are really really passionate eh.

They made all sorts of cards and gifts to send it over to w-inds. and they have a representative to bring it over to them.

This female journalist, I think she has been interviewed w-inds. many times for many years already. haha! I am sure w-inds. will recognize her by now.

So, HK fans have made all those cute cards and gifts and she brought it over to them. Here are the pictures. Soooo lucky!! Lucky for both sides. Fans are so lucky that w-inds. got their stuffs and actually look at it.

w-inds. is so lucky to have fans like them.. and like us. haha!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone. Have a great holiday season ^_^

Oh btw, did I mention that I really really love Keita's new hairstyle? haha! It's even better than the one he had it in New World PV (the hairstyle at the back of the PV). haha! I just love his hairstyle right now. The cut, the way it's style, the color.. suits him very much!! LOVE IT!!


w-inds. Sweet Fantasy Live DVD in Hong Kong cover

So, here is our awaiting cover for the DVD!!

I just wish the DVD can release as soon as possible, yet they are postponing it until February. *sigh*

Anyway, as expected, the DVD will have the horse as it's the logo for this year's live. hehe! So classy!!

There is also a small little word "in Hong Kong" printed on it. hehe!

Can't wait for this!


w-inds. Christmas event reports (3)

w-inds. Tachibana Keita expressed his fear of being old.

w-inds. has recently ended their Christmas live on December 19 together with their 2,200 fans celebrated Christmas in advance.

They performed a total of 7 songs included their most recent released, New world and Truth.

After the live has ended, when the event was at its end, Ryohei suddenly pushed out a big birthday cake to the stage, the reason being was to celebrate both Keita's and Ryuichi's belated birthday. Tachibana Keita has expressed his fear of being getting older; while Ryuichi on the other hand, laughed and said "My thoughts is more towards the positive side because we are just 24 year old."

In addition, they took the opportunity to announce the news of concert DVD release as well that it will be released on next year February, 10th (2010.02.10).

Their concert DVD is out for pre-order already since 2 weeks ago. Hurry up and pre-order yours now today if you haven't done so. Keita, Ryuichi's right! 24 is not old at all. haha! Even if you are 30 is still young. Don't worry!! ^_^

w-inds. Christmas event reports (2)

w-inds. held a Christmas live on December 19 in Tokyo with the attendance of 2,200 fans celebrating Christmas in advance.

After the performance has over, Chiba Ryohei pushed a big cake from the backstage to the stage, the reason being was to celebrate both Keita's and Ryohei's belated birthday, which were on last week's Wednesday (16th) and Thursday (17th).

At the same time, they took the opportunity to announce that their earlier concert in Hong Kong, the DVD will be released on next year's February 10th instead.

In the meantime, there were some netizens spreading the rumor of Tachibana Keita's younger sister, Tachibana Mio being fired news. It's said that her name was being removed from the Japan's official web name list, but the management didn't announce any termination news by far.

Reports from different article.

Reports of the Christmas live is the same as above.

After the live, one of the members, Chiba Ryohei suddenly pushed out a big cake to the stage to celebrate a belated birthday for his two close brothers in the group, Tachibana Keita (12.16) and Ogata Ryuichi (12.17). In addition, Ryohei invited 10 fans from the audience to get on stage to deliver their birthday wishes to both Keita and Ryuichi and such gestures caused Keita and Ryuichi to be deeply moved.

Finally, as for the concert DVD news in Hong Kong, it will be released on next year February 10th.

Alright, then I believe the DVD release date has changed from 2010.01.27 to 2010.02.10 because it's announced by w-inds. themselves.

w-inds. Christmas event reports (1)

After completed both Hong Kong and Taiwan's concert, recently w-inds. was busy with their promotion activities for their new single, New World/ Truth ~最後の真実~. On the other hand, their record company has held a Christmas live receiving 2,200 fans attended the live where w-inds. danced and sang a total of 7 songs included their new songs, New World and Truth.

Apart from that, they celebrated Tachibana Keita's and Ogata Ryuichi's belated birthday on the stage as well. Their live DVD, which was held in Hong Kong will be on sale on next year February.

Reports from another news.

It has been reported that Sweet Fantasy live DVD in Hong Kong will be released in the middle of February next year in Japan.

w-inds. has recently held a Christmas event on December 19 in Tokyo, receiving around 2,200 fans attended the live. w-inds. sang and danced a total of 7 song, and a belated birthday celebration was held for both Keita and Ryuichi as well. Chiba Ryohei pushed out a big strawberry cake on stage, surprised both Keita and Ryuichi.

Ryohei asked both of them to express their feelings and thoughts, Keita said the following year, he will be close to stepping into 30 year old, he can't help but to have a slight crisis feeling. haha!

What it meant by crisis feeling at above is, a feeling of stepping into the 30s (sort of like a mid-life crisis) that is a common thoughts among the Japanese regardless of male or female. haha!

On the other hand, if it's based on the reports as above, the DVD release has changed from January 27 to mid February? Let's wait for more official announcement from their web or management or record company side.


New World カラオケ (New World cover)

Here I am uploading my cover of New World on Ryuichi's birthday. haha!

I love this so much that I really wanted to cover it; hence I sang it.


w-inds. New World cover

I will be away for a short few days trip.

So, there will be no updates in these few short days from me. hehe!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


Happy Birthday to Keita and Ryuichi!!

I know it's not Ryuichi's birthday yet but since I am making a birthday, I can't make 2 at a time; otherwise no one is going to finish it up for me. haha!

Here is the rare cheesecake that I made for Keita and Ryuichi's birthday.

Tutorial for this cake is available at the link as attached below.

Tutorial video


[SINGLE SCANS] w-inds. New World/ Truth ~Saigo no shinjitsu~

Here are the scans for all the 3 versions. I should have put this up earlier but then I was too busy with the wedding preparation; hence I have to wait until now. I have just put up the video format on youtube yesterday.

Version A (CD + DVD)

Version B (CD + DVD)

Regular edition (First press)

First press stickers all the 4 kinds. I got Keita for this ^_^ (Happy~)

Have you guys bought it yet? Which version did you buy and if anyone of you bought regular edition, whose sticker you got? It has been a long time since the last I am overwhelm over all these because it has been a while ago since w-inds. has such omake in their single of having 1 card or sticker of 4 kinds. hehe!

If you want to watch a video version for the scans, click here. I made this for the purpose of post-released promotion for this single.