[July cover] w-inds. cover (Rain and Re:vision)

This month I have done Rain and Re:vision.

I used a total of 2-3 days to finish these 2 songs. haha!

I personally prefer Rain over Re:vision.. i mean my cover. lol

I had fun doing these 2 songs nonetheless. hahah!

If anyone of you are interested, do listen to it yeah. I am only doing for fun.. just like any other fans covering their own idol's songs. So, nothing serious here alright. hehe! It's all for fun.

Rain and Re:vision


Heart Pendant in Addicted to Love PV

I have been dreaming, thinking and yearning for that pendant ever since I first saw their single cover. haha!

Totally in love with it. But I don't know where to find it. Coincidentally, a fan told me it looks like one of the pendants she has, which is from Swarovski Crystal. Hers is pink color and it comes with a transparent version.

I wonder apart from Swarovski, does anyone know where else I can get similar pendant?

In the meantime, I will just hop into Swarovski boutique to check this pendant out. haha!

Here is the pic of the necklace from the PV

And this is from Swarovski. Apparently, I got to know that this is the old edition.

As they are now having a new winter collection and newer edition with rhodium-plated chain for this pendant.

I want to buy this so much but looking for if there is another alternative to this. This is by far I can see the most similar to the one in PV. haha!



There are 4 performances altogether for this and since I have uploaded Addicted to love before, I won't be posting it at here.

This is Re:vision. I really love the dance moves. Really soft, smooth and groovy. haha!


Can't get back will always be one of my favorites regardless of the song or the dance. hehe!

Can't get back

New World is great too! haha! One of the best dance moves they have. ^_^

New World

All links are uploaded on MF.


[DOWNLOAD] Addicted to love@CDTV

Here is the performance for CDTV.

You may get the file at here

Wow! I realized many have downloaded vids from my blog but not many bother to leave me any messages. Sigh~ sad sad.


[DOWNLOAD] Preview of Another World Live

This clip was taken from JIJIPRESS.

It has preview of their live and also a part of MC.

Also, at first I wanted to upload CDTV performance but I didn't realize I was actually downloading the whole thing. LOL!

However, the format of the clip disable me to cut it or even convert the clip. I tried to burn the clip and so I can have MPG format to cut out just w-inds. part, yet it says it's unsupported format.

Sigh~ So, there is no way for me to upload it. Will just wait for anyone that has just the w-inds. part. hehe!

Here is download of the live preview from JIJIPRESS.

If you don't want to download it, you may watch it from JIJIPRESS official youtube channel.

For those who would like to keep the clip, you may get it at Mediafire


Another World Live Songs list

I was too busy making and filming my July Bento tutorial for the entire day today. haha!

That's why I only have the time to realize and update the songs list. Most of you have probably knew this.

Anyway, here it is. I wish to see live performance for Rain though. Sigh~ It's such a great songs choices this year!


New World


Rain Is Fallin'




Cos Of You

Don't remind me

Nothing Is Impossible

龍一 Solo corner

Now You're Gone



涼平 Dance corner




Some More

Addicted to love






SUPER LOVER~I need you tonight~

Keita and piano and dancing?!! It's a must see then. haha!

Oh by the way, their Shanghai concert will be on October 16, 2010

One more thing, just want to share something to my viewers. haha!

This will be my bento tutorial for this month. What do you think?