w-inds. FC DVD "THE GOLDEN" + Live at Budokan

Lately I have been busy working; hence there is little update from me. haha!

Anyhow, w-inds. FC DVD's release is planned to release on October 2010.

It will be FC limited edition item as per usual.

Price will be at 4,571円 (excluding tax) 4,800円 (tax included) ※600円 (mailing but undecided)

Secondly, w-inds. summer tour in Japan has finally ended yesterday at Budokan. T__T

Keita too was too emotional and he cried as a result during the MC. Awww...

Above is a screen cap gotten from スパモニ morning news.

You guys can watch it here


  1. hi do you know how can I get that dvd? I have been watching a few performance of the FCLT and I NEED to buy that dvd but I don't find it anywhere u_u