Happy Birthday to Chiba Ryohei!!

Today is Ryohei's special day. Well, I am sure everyday can be special to us but the day that we are born into this world is just special out of special. haha!

Due to the buziness of my work, I can't make anything to celebrate it. I remember last 3 years I made him a star shape rare cheesecake. Last 2 years a cake decorated with many soft candies and last year was a jelly cake.

Anyway, I am sure he will have a great day today!! Let us fans all over the world send in our blessings to him via twitter. hehe!

涼平くん、お誕生日おめでとう!! お楽しんで下さいね~ ^_^

oh btw, due to the special day, I am going to post a birthday greeting at bww2 forum. So, hearts, foua and yuki, if you girls can read this post today, do drop by w-inds. thread yeah. hehe!

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