Ryohei's new blog at Ameba started!

This is to say, Ryohei's has started his new blog at Ameba.

Moreover, comments aren't disabled. haha!

Hope to see him update it more often and hope that this will be his permanent blog instead of 2 weeks.

Hopefully after the 2 weeks run test, it will become his permanent blog.

I wonder when will Ryuichi starts one at Ameba too. haha!

Click here for the link

Chiba Ryohei's new blog


It's said that Ryohei will start a new blog that's limited to 2 weeks starting from December 2, 2009.

I guess the reason why they put it as limited is to see how well the respond is at the beginning?

So, if it's overwhelmed responds, i.e many readers, I am sure he will continue with it.

Ohh by the way, his new blog is going to be at Ameba! haha! Yeah same host as Keita's blog.. and mine too. lol.

We will wait for that yeah.


Tachibana Keita's appearance in Baby Baby Baby

Here is a short movie that Keita appeared in between late last year and early this year.

Looking at his hairstyle, of course this isn't recent movie. haha! I mean not as recent as Ohitorisama. This movie was actually shown around May this year and the DVD released on November this year itself.

Anyway, so, he works in a chemist store and Arisa came in to look for something.

When Keita asked is there anything else?

Arisa whispered and asked "Do you have the test kit?"

Then Keita asked what kind of test kit?

Then Arisa was embarrassed to ask and she was like.. ahh that's alright.. no worries. haha!

Before she walked away, Keita said "Ahh! It's pregnancy test kit right?" hahah! So cute.

Here are a few screen caps.

Looks like this is the 3rd time that Keita appeared in Arisa's movie/ drama. haha!

Due to this is a short cut, so, I don't bother to upload it here for download as i have sent to most of you from my youtube (only applicable for those on my private listing). hehe!

[SCREENCAPS] w-inds. at Music Fair + X'mas live event

Here are a few screen caps of w-inds. appearing at Music Fair.

Their first New World performance on TV station. hehe!

Ryuichi and Ryohei look so back behind. haha!

Ended with pretty smiles! Charming~ ^_^

Their performance of New World. Totally cool! I really love this blue outfit of theirs especially Keita's.

Group performance.

On the other hand, w-inds. Christmas live event will be on December 19. So, for those of you who are buying their upcoming single, take note of the event tickets in there yeah. haha! Of course same process going to apply as per always. You need to go through the application, draw lots thingy and etc.. in order to get the ticket for the event. I wonder if they are going to do the same thing as last year, which they shook hands with those 1000 fans at the end of the show where fans were on their way out the exit door. They were hysterically excited. haha!

Keita and Ryuichi's birthday are just around the corner. What are you fans up to? Any plans? Hehe! I plan to make a cheesecake for them. So, do expect to see a cheesecake video up on that day. lol

Well, that's all for now. Cheers!

w-inds. Sweet Fantasy Live DVD

Well, there is a rumor flying around saying w-inds. Sweet Fantasy DVD will be released on 2010.1.27

Not sure how true is that but we will get to know it for sure.

If there isn't any official news or any pre-order out next month, then automatically the above rumor will remain as rumor, nullified.

I hope that it's true though as I want to watch it!! haha!

For now, let's wait for their new single!!


[DOWNLOAD] w-inds. New World PV

Here is another double A-side single's PV of theirs, New World.

I do love this PV as well. Though it's not as casual and fun as Truth, this PV is total coolness.

At least it's different concept from all their previous PVs and it has really shown their maturity in this PV.

Some fans might find it boring but I find it cool. haha! The way they walked in at the beginning, it's pure stunning. Keita and his sunglasses have become 1 now. haha!

When they walked out from the car towards the end, total coolness. I love it!

I love both Truth and New World PV equally as it presented different concept and feelings but songs wise, of course I prefer New World more. hehe!


File name: w-inds. New World PV
File size: 50.56MB
Format: mpg
Link: Mediafire (Click it!)


[DOWNLOAD] Truth~最後の真実~ PV

Finally the PV for their new single has aired on MTV Japan channel this morning.

It's really refreshing!! It looks more like w-inds. documentary in HK with their fans involved, people around them and all. It is different from their previous PV where it doesn't look like studio-done or PV-like PV. It looks really fun, natural and documentary-like PV instead.

I really love this PV though. hahah! though not so much into the song, I love the PV concept. Their first overseas PV ever. Love it!!

Ryuichi seems like a photographer here. haha! He jumped into the pool! The hotel's pool is really nice! I guess they closed the pool at certain hours for them when they were using it eh. haha!

Keita with his pink shirt is so striking! He looks so good in pink ^_^ Can't wait to see the dance move for this song but I guess they are not going to have any performance of this song at MF, MJ or CDTV. I guess even their Music Fair was New World. No worries since I like New World more, I don't mind. haha!

Perhaps during their X'mas event they are going to perform Truth.

Tomorrow will be New World PV. I totally looking forward to this PV as I love this song a lot! haha!

Alright, here is the download for this PV. Enjoy~ Don't forget to get a copy of this single of theirs yeah. 2009.12.09 on sale!!

File name: w-inds. Truth~Saigo no shinjitsu~ PV
File size: 26.0MB
Format: avi
Download link: Mediafire (Click it)

This year confirmed Kouhaku artists' list.

My biggest yet expected fear has turned into reality. This year too w-inds. is not participating.

Why oh why?!! Even though they are having X'mas event this year, they can still join Kouhaku right? I guess once again I am going to boycott Kouhaku this year.

Do you guys know that NHK is very strict in selecting their artists to perform in their station? I heard that whenever an artist has some unpleasant rumor or scandals surface on the media, big possibility is NHK won't invite that artist to appear on their station. Not sure how true or strict they go with the selection of artists and I hope this has nothing to do with w-inds. of not going last year and this. Since Keita has persistent rumor/ scandal? with Matsuura Aya on and off.

I guess this won't be the reason or whatsoever. Just mentioning it. Also, this has cleared the perceptions of w-inds. fans that last year they didn't go wasn't due to SPEED went because this year SPEED too is not going to attend yet w-inds. isn't on the list. *Sigh*

So, here is the confirmed list of artists from both male and female.



[DOWNLOAD] Keita's scene at Ohitorisama ep6

For more information on this episode on Keita's scene, do refer to my previous entry.

Here is the download for it and it's a bit out of sync.

Click here to download from Sharebee

[SCREEN CAPS] Keita@Ohitorisama ep6

So, this episode was about Harada asked a favor from Shinichi to ask Sawai out for a date for him.

So, he went up to Akiyama's house and when he pressed the door bell, Akiyama was like "Who could this be at this time?" Then she saw him and was like "This guy... as she recognizes him from the cafe." Then Shinichi said "Ah! It's Hiroyuki." Harada with his cutest smile ever. haha!

When he got in, he handed over a present (as in meeting gift - when someone goes to someone's house, it's polite to bring some gift to the host.) and said "Though this is nothing much, please accept it." Then Akiyama was like "The thing about this guy (referring to Shinichi)..." Then Harada quickly responded "Don't worry! I won't say a thing to anyone." Then Akiyama said "Alright then.. I am taking this present and moved away."

When Shinichi asked Harada what was he doing at there for? Shinichi whispered in his ear. He was actually asking for a favor to ask Sawai out for a date.

The next day, when Shinichi successfully helped Harada to ask Sawai out, he went to meet her but she was surprised to see it's Harada instead of Shinichi. The student girl who likes Shinichi was there too but she was happy to know that the one who asked Sawai out is not Shinichi but Harada. When Harada explained everything to Sawai that it's him who wanted to ask her out for a date, she was really disappointed and excuse herself to leave. When Shinichi saw her disappointment expression, he was really disappointed too. That student girl asked him to cheer up!

Then at night, Harada called Shinichi to tell him that things didn't work out and said she was looking forward when she thought she was having a date with Shinichi and when she knew the guy wasn't him, she was disappointed. Then Shinichi was like "Eh?!"

I guess Harada knows it clearly now that Sawai likes Shinichi and that he has no chance anymore. Awww.. his disappointment makes me sad too. haha! Here are the screencaps.


Happy Birthday to Ryohei!!

I should have posted this 2 days ago but I have posted it on my youtube.

Anyhow, I should posted it here as well. haha! I will remember that in the future for Keita and Ryuichi's birthday. ^_^

What have you fans made for Ryohei or did anything special to celebrate his birthday? hehe!

Here is my birthday gift for him. Check it out.

Ryohei's birthday jelly

w-inds. New songs

I have uploaded new songs on my blog's player.

The Ninja that you saw on the left is my blog's player. haha!

The first song being played is call Message and so far this song is only available for ringtone download purpose only. It's only available at mobile site for a limited time only.

Let's hope that this song will be added in one of the tracklists in their next album.

2nd song being played is Tribute, one of their couplings from their upcoming single, New World/ Truth~最後の真実~, which will be release on 2009.12.09.

Really excited about this song because honestly, I love this song more than truth itself. haha! What do you think about it? However, I am still excited to watch the PV for Truth since it's their first that they filmed it overseas. hehe!

3rd song is nothing unfamiliar for you w-inds. fans because we have heard it before and during concert too. Yes, it's none other than don't remind me but this is a live version.

Though it's a live version, it's really clear and this is a full version.

The version that I had earlier on was a version from Keita's freestyle radio session. I love love love this song. This is still the best song that I like out of all their new songs. hehe!

I am truly excited about this single. So, dear fans, have you all pre-order this single yet? Or will buy it when it's out? Please do so.

Support w-inds.!

w-inds. new PV will be on air!!

Yup! You heard it right!

Their new PV, Truth~最後の真実~ and New World will be on MTV channel on Nov 23 and 24.

曲名:Truth ~最後の真実~
11/23[月] 06:00 - 07:00

曲名:New World
11/24[火] 06:00 - 07:00

Monday and Tuesday respectively from 6am - 7am.

Brought to you by MTV Japan.

I can't wait!!!!


NHK Kouhaku list *New*

Well, there is another set of list right now. Oh no.. why did they remove w-inds. again? T__T

Even though I don't want them to remove w-inds., if this list has been finalized, I won't be surprised.

Because fans have been saying last year the reason why w-inds. wasn't there was due to their senior, SPEED.

At the old list, there isn't SPEED but this new list has it; hence w-inds. name has been removed.

Plus w-inds. is having yet another Christmas event this year... so, i guess it could be similar to last year where they aren't participating Kouhaku but having an event of their own with their fans.

I want this event to be on DVD too! haha! Then it will make up for their withdrawal of Kouhaku. But I am still sad. w-inds. is the only reason why I watch Kouhaku every year ever since I like them but I didn't watch last year due to they have been removed and this year too.. if they don't have it, I will boycott Kouhaku yet another year.

【白組予想】 △秋川雅史、△Aqua Timez、○中孝介、○嵐、○五木ひろし、○井上陽水、○EXILE、○大江裕、○加藤清史郎、○北島三郎、△ 北山たけし、○キマグレン、△木山裕策、○コブクロ、○ジェロ、×羞恥心withPabo、○SMAP、○東方神起、△TOKIO、○徳永英明、○氷川き よし、○樋口了一、○BIGBANG、○平井堅、△ヒルクライム、○福山雅治、○布施明、△ポルノグラフィティ、○前川清、○美川憲一、 ×Mr.Children、△水谷豊、○森進一、△森山直太朗、△矢沢永吉、○WaT

【紅組予想】 ○aiko、△alan、△青山テルマ、○秋元順子、○あさみちゆき、○安室奈美恵、○絢香、○アンジェラ・アキ、○いきものがかり、○石 川さゆり、○AKB48、○大塚 愛、△加藤ミリヤ、○川中美幸、△GIRL NEXT DOOR、○倖田來未、○伍代夏子、○小林幸子、○坂本冬美、○ さくらまや、△JUJU、△Superfly、△SPEED、○天童よしみ、○中島美嘉、○中村美律子、○西野カナ、○浜崎あゆみ、○Perfume、△ 原由子、○一青窈、○平原綾香、○藤あや子、×藤岡藤巻と大橋のぞみ、○水森かおり、○和田アキ子

Note: The above list is not taken from NHK or any official site related to NHK Kouhaku; hence do not be too sure yet. I just hope w-inds. will be able to participate this year.


[DOWNLOAD] Keita's scene at Ohitorisama ep5 + screen caps

Here are more screen caps from Ohitorisama 5 and as per usual, it's only Keita's part. hehe!

So, Harada was working part time at the cafe where Akiyama and Sawai with their own partners went to.

Harada saw Shinichi and called him and he told Shinichi that he is working part time.

Later, Harada asked "Are you guys having double date at here?" Then Shinichi said "well, not really.." Then Sawai happily said "Seems like it!!"

Then Harada asked Shinichi to have nothing to do with her. haha! Can't Harada see that Sawai is not interested in him?! He has to repeat his name every time he sees her. lol.

After he saw Akiyama, he was like "Ohh! Aren't you the one that he is living with?!"

He blew that out of proportion and gave everyone a shocked!

Akiyama then said "Living together?! NO WAY!!" and kicked Shinichi. Then Shinichi quickly said "Well, we are the one who are living together.. funny isn't it?" and grabbed Harada out of the sight and asked to keep quiet about it.

On another scene where Harada was doing his push up having Sawai's photo pinned up right in front of him as motivation and every time he does one push up, he was calling "Kimika-san!!" Sawai's first name.

He is one silly boy. haha! I wonder where the heck he got Sawai's photo out of nowhere?! haha!

Download this clip at here


w-inds. departure in Taiwan

Japan's idol group, w-inds. left Taiwan in the afternoon. Keita, who is wearing pink long sleeve shirt, Ryuichi at the back and Ryohei who is with cap at Ryuichi's back. Many fans were there to send them off saying goodbye to them and w-inds. waved their hands to them saying goodbye to the fans.

Fans were pushing trying to get as close as possible to their idols while the staffs were trying their best to fence them off. Coincidently, Korean idol, Andy (Shinhwa's member) was leaving Taiwan at the same time too; hence police worked extra hard trying to keep fans stay in the restricted line but as soon as their idols appeared, fans can't stop screaming their head off for their idols, snapping pictures and pushing their way closer to their idols.

In order to prevent any injuries or accident, police had put up the lines for the fans not to cross over in advance.

Keita with his pink long sleeve shirt patiently waited for people to pass through the gate and fans became more and more aggressive trying to get closer to them and it's reported that there was a fan who got pushed down by others but luckily no serious injury. Keita didn't get affected by it and still having his smile on his face constantly and he constantly wave to the fans saying goodbye to them. Later, he enters the VIP pathway to boarding.

w-inds. in Taiwan report (3)

Smart and stylish looking Japan's pop group, w-inds. has arrived Taiwan on the 13th.

After 2 years apart, w-inds. came back to Taiwan for concert and as soon as they stepped out from the arrival hall, fans were proposing insanely to them. Recently, Tachibana Keita has been rumored that he and Matsuura Aya were secretly having a grocery date together, since Keita already has a partner; hence he can't accept fans' proposal.

As soon as w-inds. arrived the hotel, fans were already arrived waiting for them and many reporters too attended to interview and welcome them. When asked are they not afraid of the flu virus? Ryuichi said he will wash his hands regularly and Ryohei has already put on his mask before he got down from the car and Keita said that since he hasn't gotten any flu since little, he believes in the future too he won't get it.

When they were asked of the proposal, w-inds. answered "When we were in Hong Kong, we didn't see any but when every time we come to Taiwan, there will be fans proposing." Keita said "This is a difficult request." When Keita was asked about the news of him and Matsuura, he acknowledged that even though he doesn't really cook, he does go to supermarket to have a little stroll alone occasionally.

Out of the 3 members, Ryuichi is the best cook. Ryuichi said that he loves to watch his mom cooks when he was little and he feels like she is performing a magic and now that he has grown up, he has learned those magic too. Even though he cooks well, the other 2 members have never get the chance to try his foods before. Ryuichi said "Even though I have never cooked for them before, we do often eat out together." And Keita giggled and pointed at Ryuichi and said "He always forgot to bring his wallet and I have to pay for him." Then Ryuichi smile and said "Yeah! It's just a coincident that I always left my wallet at house."

Note: The report about Keita and Matsuura, the newspaper wrote it as if it's true that Keita is dating her but in reality no one knows. Keita doesn't acknowledge nor deny it. So, hope fans won't start to spread the rumors around. Heard from another news said that Keita happened to bumped into her in the supermarket and was spotted by the Japan's media and that's how it all started again. Keita too said it at above that he occasionally goes to supermarket ALONE!

w-inds. in Taiwan report (2)

Japan's pop group w-inds., due to concert has came to Taiwan on the 13th and they were asked since they are so busy with their works, do they cook themselves?

Lead vocalist, Tachibana Keita said he will go for grocery shopping occasionally to cook at home and that's how he got "lucky" being spotted by Tokyo Sports, which reported that he went for a grocery date with celebrity Matsuura Aya. Rumors between them two has once again surfaced on the media due to this incident.

The one who has the best cooking skills is nonetheless member Ogata Ryuichi. He has been watching his mom cooked since he was little and he described his mom's cooking as magic. He is very good at Japanese dishes as well as Spagetthi but what a pity is, none of the members are able to try his foods until now, he eats it all by himself.

Keita will sometimes to go supermarket to buy some groceries to cook at home but usually he will eat out or sometimes his mom will go to his place to cook for him. Ryuichi added "Sometimes they will eat out together but he often forgot to take his wallet along; hence Keita has to pay for him."

During their Taiwan visit this time, they expressed that they are not concerned with H1N1 and Ryohei said as long as he washes his hands often will do. Keita added that since young until now he didn't get influenza before and he believes he won't get it too in the future. Ryuichi cheerfully answered "During the concert, let's sing with flu mask on will do."

w-inds. live report in Taiwan (1)

Japan's pop group, w-inds. was having a concert in Taipei, Taiwan last night with lead vocalist Tachibana Keita, Ryohei Chiba and Ogata Ryuichi sang and danced energetically sending the presence of 5000 fans hyper and excited and they sang together with them loudly.

They kicked off the show with their song "Can't get back", they were on black mask and acted like police catching thieves and after that during MC, they used Mandarin to greet fans by saying "Are you all hyper excited?! It has been a long time since the last we met. We are w-inds." They had changed 5 different outfits accompanying by 6 male dancers on the stage, performed a total of 22 songs. Even their upcoming single releases next month was performed as well. In the middle of the concert while singing "Kirei da" Keita alternately sang "水喔!" (means pretty) in Taiwan's dialect causing fans to be surprised. w-inds. was able to feel the passion from the fans and they continuously expressed "We love you", "Let's go hyper with us" and "Please sing it with us" and Ryuichi had sweet talk saying "Everyone is so beautiful" in Chinese.

Ryohei's birthday is coming next week and Keita and Ryuichi's will be next month and fans celebrated their birthday yesterday by singing birthday to them last night causing w-inds. to be deeply moved.

There are about 10 varieties of goodies that were sold at the concert's venue such as cosmetic pouch, light sticks, t-shirt and etc, due to its limited quantity, these goodies were wiped out completely by fans even before the concert started.

Since this is their 5th time to Taiwan, it's no longer a stranger place to them. They said that they have really really missed Taiwan's bubble tea and haven't been drinking it for so long and they were eating almond dessert as well and Ryuichi continuously drinking bubble tea.

w-inds. will leave Taiwan this afternoon 3pm with flight number BR2196.

Sweet Fantasy in Taiwan ~ Songs list ~

Here is the full songs list of w-inds. Sweet Fantasy concert in Taiwan yesterday.

Phew! Finally, that's the end of their live for this year.


2.Top secret

3.Yes or No

4.Don't Remind Me


6.Beautiful Life

【MC】They talked mostly about foods in Taiwan and a lot of bubble tea. haha!




10.You Are...


涼平solo dance

龍一solo dace

14.Crazy for you
慶太solo dance


15.SUPER LOVER~I need you tonigth~


17.Rain Is Fallin'



19.Endless Moment

Keita was showing his abs muscle here (汗)



When dancers brought out the cake, fans sang birthday song to Ryohei and Keita kept stealing the taste of the cream from the cake. haha!

【Double encore】

22.New World


w-inds. arrived in Taiwan ~Airport scene~

w-inds. has arrived Taiwan this afternoon and caused such a commotion in the airport.

Once w-inds. reached the hotel, they were interviewed right away and the hotel presented some nutritious soup to w-inds. hoping that they are able to have full energy for their concert tomorrow.

w-inds. said in Taiwan there are many fans proposing to them with all the banners that they saw in the airport written "Please marry with me!"

w-inds. will be in Taiwan for 3 days 2 nights. They will be flying back to Japan a day after their concert tomorrow and when they were asked "Are there any local delicacies that they do miss in these 3 days stay in Taiwan?" w-inds. answered "They really want to eat Taiwan's bun (Xiao long bao), Bubble pearl tea and something to do with almond? haha! I don't know that food.

w-inds. said please look forward for tomorrow's concert and enjoy together with them.

Here are a few photos in the airport scene.

Keita and Ryohei were in their formal attire while Ryuichi was in casual wear? haha!

A pic of Ryuichi

w-inds. was mobbed by fans and fans were too passionate and overly excited. Keita was pulled by fans and the staffs were trying their best to fence off the fans.

Poor Keita. Awww... T_T

w-inds. has reached hotel.


w-inds.:配信限定曲「Message」 18日よりダウンロード開始!!

It's big news again from w-inds. for the release of their new song!

Delivering their special song ♪

「Message」 is the theme song for International Asia Child Film festival and the song is composed and written by actor, Sugi Ryoutaro.

Due to it's limited distribution, don't forget to check the mobile site yeah♪


♪Beginning of transmission date:11月18日 (Ryohei's birthday!!)
♪Ringtone(R)、Full ringtone(R).

So, basically it says that Message will be a new song from w-inds., which is a theme song for this International Asia child Film festival and the song is written and composed by Actor Sugi Ryoutaro. I think this is the same man who organized the event of Vietnam-Japan friendship during Ameato time; hence w-inds. ended up singing in Vietnam. haha! So, it will be available for download from November 18 and it will be available for a limited time only, don't forget to check out the mobile site for download.


w-inds. Rumored New album?

It's rumored that w-inds. will be releasing their new album on 2010.2.3

The title of the album is call "Reality"

Not sure if this is true.. if it's true, then pre-order should be out next month, around middle to end of december.

Also, it's almost the middle of the November now and if the pre-order for Sweet Fantasy DVD is not out, then most probably this year their DVD is unable to release but next year. If it's next year, it will be most probably by January.

So, we will wait and see yeah! Highly anticipating it!

More photos of w-inds. HK departure

Here are more photos of w-inds. departed HK yesterday from their local news.

As w-inds. were taking a slow walk to the departure gate due to the presence of many fans and they were surrounded by security guards and the crews.

Keita and Ryuichi are looking cool while Ryohei with his peace sign. haha!

Giving some smiles to their fans as they walked.

As they are walking closer towards the departure gate

Keita waved to those fans who were probably screaming out their names.

As they were showing their boarding pass, Ryohei waved to bid farewell to the fans for one last time.