Youtube announcement + w-inds. new single

For those followers at here who know about my youtube channel, which is purensacred, I just want to inform that from now onwards, there won't be any more vids uploaded at purensacred.

This account has gotten 2 strikes. Once was due to a JE's cover I did 1 year ago that got recently removed due to copyrights infringement. 2nd time was just few days ago on Addicted to love promotion video. It was reported by Japan's RIAA; hence the vid got removed. Sigh~

I don't want to risk this channel to get terminated because I have uploaded 699 videos and 95% of the videos are w-inds. private clips. The rest are my old cooking vids and covers. T_T

Years and years of efforts, I don't want to waste it. I don't want to see all the comments, likings and favorites that members gave me being terminated just like that. Therefore, I decided to privatized all the w-inds. promo vids. Only my old cooking vids and w-inds. covers are on public. Plus Morning Musume + Ice cream musume's cover and Kawabe Chieco's cover are on public. I really really hope none of these videos will get reported ever again. Otherwise, I have to bid farewell to all of those I have done before. T__T

Please don't report any of my public vids anymore.

Here is the link to my new account. Future w-inds. clips will be strictly on private and no more self-made promotion vids will be ever done to promote w-inds. new releases. Future covers will be on public as well.

For those who are on my private friends' listing now, if you still want to continue to receive w-inds. private clips from me, do add my new channel into your friends list and tell me that you want to be in my private listings.


Secondly, for w-inds. new single's news that I have posted earlier on, let's take that as rumor for now. The expected month of release is end of October as I have posted earlier but the announcement hasn't been posted at mobile site or any of w-inds. official PC site yet. In addition, based on usual record, if they are releasing anything at the end of October, the pre-order should have been out by now but it hasn't. So, I will take this news as rumor.

Alrighty, that's all for my today's announcement. Thank you for visiting my blog today.

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