Tachibana Keita in Vanquish

I know I was late for this because I hardly check any news lately. LOL!

So, I discovered that Keita was in a fashion week's catwalk on October 19. It's a men's brand call Vanquish (ヴァンキッシュ).

Perhaps he can go into modelling if he isn't singing. haha! Still, singing is his number 1 passion.

I can really see the difference between Keita's and the rest of the male models. I always find models do have "that" look on them.

But looking at Keita's face, it won't give me feeling that he is a model. haha! He has the body and the height of a model but not really the look. Perhaps as he gotten more and more into it, he may develop that "look". haha!

Anyway, glad to see that there is another door opened for him. His hair... no comment. haha!

Oh dear, his face! So thin!!


w-inds. in Shanghai's video

Well, don't worry, I am not going to show any here or embed anything.

I am thinking why are there more and more video clips surfaced on the net of Shanghai live?

Fancam isn't allowed in concert am i not right?

Hardly anyone secretly recorded it during Japan's live but why are there so many illegal recordings done out of Japan's live especially the Shanghai's live?

It's against the concert's law to illegally record (fancam) and what's more if fans put it online for others to view?

All these matters will taken into considerations for the company whether or not to allow their artist to perform in their country again in the future.

I don't want to give too much opinion on those fans who recorded the live as perhaps they just want it as remembrance, so even though they knew it's wrong, they are still doing it.

Also, I know some fans might say that they do not have the chance to go to the live and so this give them an opportunity to watch it. Well, I didn't go to the live either but I didn't watch any of the uploaded fancam.

Have a good week ahead fellow fans.


More pics of w-inds. in Shanghai

Well, I must apologize for my on and off updates of w-inds.

Reason being is, I am getting lazy and lazier. Sigh~~

I didn't purposely to surf around or go around to check for their latest news and etc.. if at any time I just bumped into their news or heard from some fans, if I am not lazy, then I will update here.

But most of the times, I always hear about them elsewhere.. from fans and etc.. but didn't update here.  Oops!

Even their twitter, I hardly go in and check now.. only when I feel like it, I will sign in and see what's happening.

Well, can't help it when I am such a lazy fan. haha! Please forgive me.

Thanks to all the fans who keep updating me of their news regardless of whether I have heard or read or knew it elsewhere in advance ^_^

Alright~ Here are the pics.

The live in Shanghai ended smoothly. Someone secretly recorded a part of the live and streamed it on Tudou and youtube. But I didn't watch it. lol.. told you that I am lazy. haha!


w-inds. in Shanghai

Ohh finally! Their Shanghai's concert is here. hehe!

This is definitely not their first time visiting Shanghai or China, but it's their first live (concert) in China.

I was given 2 pictures taken by fans in the airport.

Of course the one who gave it to me isn't the one who snapped the photos. hehe!

They are looking good there. Keita's hair is getting better. haha!

The second pic, I totally can't see Ryo and Ryu. haha!

Photos by lanlan@Baidu


Another World additional live

Ryohei and Ryuichi tweeted that there will be an additional live for this year's live.

The date will be on 12/18 (December 18) at Yokohama Arena. Further information will be available at FC's postcard.

So, please wait for it~~

Wow! Winter concert? So cool. haha! So, perhaps they aren't having any Christmas live this year then?

Wait.. I have a feeling that this year too they aren't going to participate ... or can't take part in Kouhaku?

Wow! I guess I have missed 2 years of Kouhaku? Ever since w-inds. didn't take part, I have stopped watching Kouhaku entirely. hehe!

Anyway, Keita has changed his hairstyle.. which I am going to change mine too next week. hehe!

He permed it. haha! Still, I prefer his blonde hairstyle if compared to this. But oh well, Keita's hairstyle won't last long. So, no worries. hehe!