w-inds. new single + Blog announcement

First of all, I received a notification from HMV few days ago that w-inds. new single will be released on 2011.1.26.

Apparently it is a double A side single title Be as one/ Let's get it on.

Be as one is said to be the ending theme for Tokyo TV anime call Fairy Tail.

Let's get it on is a dance number song. It comes in 3 versions.

Version A will be Be as one/ Let's get it on that comes with a DVD, which consists of Be as one PV.

Version B will be Let's get it on/ Be as one that comes with a DVD that has Let's get it on PV.

Regular edition will be CD only and a special trading card of Fairy Tail.

Alright, now moved onto blog announcement. My blog announcement.

It's regret to inform you guys that I will cease all w-inds. operations (update and etc) from next year onwards. Reason being is, I find myself do not have the time to update anymore. I don't find myself going around checking on their news and so on. Most importantly, I have lost the passion of updating their stuffs.

I still like them but updating their stuffs are no longer a joy for me to do but I find it burdensome. LOL!

I don't want to leave my blog at here not updating anything; hence I have decided to delete this blog next year onwards.

As for youtube, I truly find ripping off from DVD, converting and uploading are of so much trouble and requires a lot of time; hence youtube too I will slow down. Not that I will cease updating on youtube but slow down. I will upload only whenever I feel like it. Also, if time permits.

I do know this day will come one day and I guess this is the time. I do still like w-inds. but I find my urge for them aren't as strong as before. Previously, whenever they have new release, I will pre-order it right away but now, I don't even have the time for it. I haven't even pre-order their new single and their concert DVD, I guess I have to cancel the pre-order soon and buy it next year.

I can see that buying w-inds. stuffs are no longer the priority in my life but I am still their fan. I still consider myself as one because I am still buying their release to support them. They are still my one and only idol. haha!

Alright, that's all from me. It has been a great time updating for so many years. It has been fun being able to grow with w-inds. when I am looking back now. hehe! It's been fun meeting all you fans too.

Stay well everyone!

Side note: Oh stranger, thank you for the correction. I am just not good in language (any language for that matter).. I always got corrected for my english too. But I think it's good to be corrected. So, thank you.


  1. nooooooooo you are my only source for updates and news on w-inds.!!! Since you live in Asia and can write English, it is really easy for me to follow your blog... awwww. Where can I find all these news about w-inds. now?
    - Jea

  2. Jea: you can always go to live journal community. Don't worry, there are plenty of fans updating about w-inds.