Heart Pendant in Addicted to Love PV

I have been dreaming, thinking and yearning for that pendant ever since I first saw their single cover. haha!

Totally in love with it. But I don't know where to find it. Coincidentally, a fan told me it looks like one of the pendants she has, which is from Swarovski Crystal. Hers is pink color and it comes with a transparent version.

I wonder apart from Swarovski, does anyone know where else I can get similar pendant?

In the meantime, I will just hop into Swarovski boutique to check this pendant out. haha!

Here is the pic of the necklace from the PV

And this is from Swarovski. Apparently, I got to know that this is the old edition.

As they are now having a new winter collection and newer edition with rhodium-plated chain for this pendant.

I want to buy this so much but looking for if there is another alternative to this. This is by far I can see the most similar to the one in PV. haha!


  1. Interesting pendant. I wish I could wear it.

    Oh, I just found June cover and help you get high viewers by watching it my part.

  2. stranger: i really want to buy this pendant and i will get it.. hope to get a part time soon. i don't really buy necklaces, bracelet and all.. not jeweleries but i really like this. lol. ahh no wonder there was an increase of 1 viewer. lol.. nah.. no worries.. since i have started to do my next covers. hehe! thanks