w-inds. Be as One PV

Frankly, by watching this PV is my very first time listening to this song. haha!

What can I say? I simply love it!! hehe! But I wish the PV could be a proper PV instead of a live PV.. but I guess they are holding the budget for Let's get it on's PV? haha!

Here is the PV. Click on this youtube link

Merry late Christmas everyone and Happy coming New Year. hehe!


  1. Dear Shiroi-Tsuki!
    First of all, I want to say thank you for keeping w-inds.fans updated. I feel sorry for you w-inds. Has become such a burden. Although this is the first time seeing your website.. and it feels like I have come here to late.. I want to ask if you are still a fan although not updating anymore..

    I could not find any website where I could find UP-TO-DATE w-inds.news.. I only knew of FEELTHEFATE LJ. But it was soooo quiet there. I felt like something needed to be done.. and thanks to 2 really persisting w-inds.fans that tried their best to keep spreading the w-inds. Love I saw light at the end of a tiring tunnel.. in December suddenly something changed. This post was sent and after that the 2 girls made a w-inds FB.. I guess the goal is to spread w-inds.love.. although my goal is to find more w-inds.fans. and find support within a English talking group. Ash en Melissa make sure that it’s never boring, we just had a w-inds.contest. And we have fan questionnaires. Which now is starting season 2.

    Why I am sending you a message is, Although you stopped with your blog… I want you to join us in Facebook (or even LJ). We do not ask you to keep us up to date all the time.. there are a lot of girls who give a bit of information. Maybe you will enjoy it a lot. Forums and blogs are death most of the time (lately atleast). If I knew your website existed I would have looked all my information up here.
    I just looked at your youtube channel.. coinsedently I was there a month ago also.. but I saw your message about moving .. and I thought you stopped already. At the time I thought you stopped a looong time ago (didn’t watch the date) anyways,

    You are wrong with your reply to the other person.. there are not many places to find information.. not for noobs.. that’s why we need someone like you.

    If you have stopped being a fan. Then I wish you the best of luck in your future.. and still am thankfull that you have kept people who did find this website and used it informed.

    The FB is


  2. hmm...
    your blogs is verry attractive...
    i hope you can visit my blog too