[DOWNLOAD] Keita at Ohitorisama ep3 + Screen captures

As per usual, I will only update Keita's part on each episode and here is episode 3.

Here are a few screen caps from it.

So, Harada was saying that Kamisaka hasn't contacted him and all and Kamisaka apologized and said due to some reason but don't worry about him.

Then Harada was asking "why can't you tell me the place you are staying?" Then Kamisaka stuttered and then Harada was like "You are at a woman's place right?" Then Kamisaka was like "ahh no~" Then Harada said.. "you trembled" Then suddenly, Sawai came to call Kamisaka and said she thought of doing some shopping and go home...

Harada looked at Sawai as if he fell in love. haha! Then Sawai asked "Your friend?" Then Haraad quickly stood up and said "Friend's name is Harada Hiroyuki"

Then Kamisaka pushed Harada away and said "oh no no! you were saying, you are shopping?" Then Harada said "Isn't she an extremely pretty girl?!" Then Kamisaka said "So what?!" Harada continued "Ah! Don't tell me that you..." Then Kamisaka said "No! She is not the one!"

Sawai interrupted and said "Sorry for interruption. See you!" and went off.

In order to see the girl that Kamisaka is staying with, Harada went to Kamisaka's school and when he enters the main gate, he just plainly greeted the guard and walk in. haha! By right, not just anyone can walk into the school but have to register themselves and tell the reason of why they need to enter the school.

So, Harada just walked in and the guard was chasing after him. Something has happened to one of the school's girl and Kamisaka and Akiyama are worry about that problem and suddenly he saw the security guard is stopping Harada from entering the territory.

Well, with his irresponsible-like or shall I say not serious attitude/ character, he was stopping Kamisaka from doing his work and so, that caused Kamisaka to yell at Harada and said "Enough! Here is my workplace!" and ran off due to some emergency. Poor Harada. lol
Here are some screen caps from both scenes and download link is right after these screen caps.

File name: Keita@Ohitorisama ep3
File size: 42.62MB
File format: mpg
Download link: Click here to download from MF

More information on Truth~最後の真実~

The American R&B singer/producer Ne-Yo has written a song for the popular Japanese group w-inds.. The song is titled 'Truth~最後の真実~ / Truth~Saigo no Shinjitsu [lit. 'Last Truth']' and will be included in the upcoming single 'New World / Truth~最後の真実~ (New World / Truth~Saigo no Shinjitsu') to be released on December 9th. Ne-Yo's real name is Shaffer Smith, and 'Truth' is credited as being written by 'Smith / Howard'. w-inds. member Tachibana Keita commented "We're big fans of Ne-Yo, so we were really excited when we heard that he will be writing a song for us."

Ne-Yo feels that the dance music expressed by w-inds. has potential. That was partly why he agreed to offer a song for them. Since 'truth' is an important word in the song, the lyrics 'She's the truth' has a special meaning; it aims to express respect for a woman that one loves, and it is also meant to honor all women around the world.

Sources: Music Japan

I just can't wait for this song to be released on radio station! It's going to be one great song! This single is going to be a great great awesome single!!

Anyone who still hasn't place your order, do pre-order your copy now!

Date of release for this single is 2009.12.09



Here is the latest information about w-inds. M2 song, Truth~最後の真実~.

It's a song that's composed by an American R&B singer call Ne-Yo and the lyrics will be written by Shungo.

It's common for w-inds. to re-sing a lot of songs of other artists especially those from Europe and everytime I listened to their versions as well as the original version, I would prefer w-inds. version more. haha!

So, this time, Ne-Yo has provided them with one of his songs to sing. Ne-Yo is a really famous singer and w-inds. has always been mentioning about him and had introduced about him in their w-inds.M's program before as well. Lead vocal, Tachibana Keita expressed his happiness by saying they are Ne-Yo's loyal music fans and they are really happy that they are able to sing one of his songs! Ne-Yo knew who w-inds. is and he recognized their talent as well.

Ne-Yo has also duet with Utada Hikaru as well. It's also reported that w-inds. might be singing their new songs from their upcoming single in HK and Taiwan's concert next month.

Even though I don't listen to Ne-Yo's music at all but I know his type of music, which isn't really the type that I would listen to everyday. haha!

Therefore, I am really looking forward to this song.. after 2 upbeat songs (New world and fighting for love) have been aired at Keita's freestyle radio station before.

This is really going to be one awesome single.

On the other hand, the regular edition of New World/ Truth~最後の真実~ has added another track, which was initially from 4 tracks to 5 now. Here is the new tracklist from the regular edition.

1: New World
2: Truth~最後の真実~
3: Fighting For Love
4: Tribute
5: New World(Radio Mix)
封入特典:ステッカー (4種のうち1枚封入)

Music&Arrangement:Shaffer Smith/Brandon Howard

So, the fifth track is New World (Radio Mix). haha! I think this radio mix is the one that I have uploaded here for download earlier and I guess the PV as well as the single's version will not have that long music that lasts for 45 seconds? That's my prediction. haha!

They should have added a new song that both version A and B do not have it, then fans will have to buy all the 3 versions then. haha!

Yay to the sticker in first press of regular edition. It has been a while since the last I got these cards or stickers. So, in this first press of regular edition, it will come with a sticker of 4 types! I wonder who will I get this time... but as usual, I wish I could get Keita and if not w-inds. haha!

Can't wait for both PV as well.

Anyhow, that's all from now and check back for more... If you readers do have blogspot, why not subscribe to my blog. haha!


On the other hand, fans are now discussing on New World/ Truth~最後の真実~ jacket shooting. They are comparing on whether the place that they used for the jacket shoot is the place on the below photo as shown. haha! It has a lot of similarities eh. I guess they used computer to add colors, wordings and that chandelier on top after that. Brilliant! I love the jacket for this single. What do you think? Similar right? haha!

Posted Image
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Posted Image


[DOWNLOAD] w-inds. recent ringtone (着うた)

Here I have made a few ringtones from w-inds. recent songs such as Don't remind me, New World and Fighting for love.

Each songs are either less or slightly more than 30 seconds.

All files are uploaded on 4shared. 4shared is able to stream online, means you are able to listen to it before downloading it.

Here are the files and click on it accordingly for download.

Don't remind me [1] and [2]

New World [1], [2] and [3]

Fighting for love [1]


w-inds. 27th single [New World/ Truth ~最後の真実 ~] Jacket

I know I have posted all their covers before but this is the bigger and clearer version of it. hehe!

I think I will still go for Truth's cover to be my favorite. hehe!

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

[DOWNLOAD] w-inds. Fighting for love (Radio version)

This song was aired on Keita's radio session yesterday along with New World and both versions are clearer than the earlier ones.

Hmm.. so, what do you guys think of this song? It's another upbeat song.

Instead of love, i feel that this song is suitable for fire fighters? haha! I think if any japanese drama out there is about the life or profession as a fire fighter, they should definitely use this song as their theme song.

I love this song as well but I prefer a little more on New world. hehe! I love this single!! Hope to listen to Truth soon. I am sure this will be a slow groove.

Here I have uploaded fighting for love on my youtube. Click on the below link to listen to it.


If anyone of you wanted to download this clear radio version, here it is.

Click here to download from MF link.

If you have taken anything, do leave me a message yeah.

It's sad to know that there are many fans from different countries are visiting my blog but none left me any messages T__T


おひとりさま第三話 ~ 次の予告 (Ohitorisama ep 3) Sneak preview

Here is a sneak preview taken from the end of episode 2.

Kamisaka (Teppei) has moved into Akiyama's (Arisa) house starting from episode 3.

He can't stay at Harada's (Keita) house anymore because of his younger sister.

Kamisaka doesn't have money to rent a house or anything; hence he stayed in the internet cafe and looking at that, Akiyama brought him back to her house.

Kamisaka does a lot of house chores for her and from there it shows how their love will slowly develop for each other and also the gap between them.

One more thing is, in episode 3, looks like Harada is interested in someone. haha! While that girl was asking Kamisaka "Is he your friend?" Harada quickly and interestingly introduced himself by saying "Harada Hiroyuki desu!" haha! His shining eyes. So cute. Can't wait for the next episode. Here are 2 screen captures of it.

But then according to the drama chart, Sawai sensei (Nao) likes Kamisaka though and based on the chart, it doesn't mention Harada has any interest in anyone nor Sawai has interest or will be having any relationship with Harada but to have interest in Kamisaka. So, let's just wait and see how will the story evolve.

That's all for the update. Let's wait for episode 3 this coming Friday!

涼平設計キーケース (key case)

Here is a key case under the name of Ryohei Chiba, which is known as R&C. haha!

That R&C imprint looks like those high end brands such as D&G and such.. reminded me of those. haha!

Is this nice? What do you fans think?

[DOWNLOAD] Keita@Ohitorisama (EP 2)

For those fans who are unable to watch it on my youtube, here I am providing a link for download and to watch.

Either way, it'll be fine but.. it's only Keita's part. haha! Because I believe if you really want to watch this drama, you can buy the DVD when it's out.

Anyhow, no worries as I am sure this drama is uploaded everywhere on the net whether it's raw version or subs.

Either way, this blog will put up just Keita's part. This short part is about Keita brought his sister back home because she had a fight with the parents and ran out from home. So, she went to Keita's house and said until she can find a place to stay, she will stay at his house. haha! Keita said "How can you suddenly say such a thing?" Then his sister was like "Aren't you staying alone?!" Then Teppei heard that and packed his stuffs to stay outside. Keita said "Don't worry about my sister though" Then Teppei said, "Well, this house is kind of small to accommodate 3 of us" and so he went to overnight at internet cafe.


Title: Keita@Ohitorisama (Ep 2)
File size: 4.14MB
Format: WMV
DL link: Get it here (MF link)


Keita@Ohitorisama ep 2


Screen captures of Keita's scene. Keita suddenly brought back a girl and that shocked Teppei and Keita introduced her to Teppei. haha! They are steps siblings. Well, since the room is too small for 3 people, Teppei moved out for a night. Aww.. poor guy. hehe!

I personally think that Keita's acting, facial expression is much better at here than 1st episode. haha! Love his facial expression here!! Awww... so cute >_<

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Posted Image
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Posted Image
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[DOWNLOAD] Tachibana Keita@Boy Pop Factory 2009 (お台場フォーク村 live)

I present fans with these 2 awesome performance from Keita of w-inds.

He sang 2 songs, Everyday and あの素晴らしい愛をもう一度 (Ano subarashii ai wo mou ichido) with 坂崎幸之助 (Sazaki Konosuke).

Song Title: Everyday
Performer: Tachibana Keita of w-inds.
File size: 40.8MB
Format: Mpg
Link: Click for MF link

Song title: あの素晴らしい愛をもう一度
Performers: 橘 慶太 x 坂崎幸之助
File size: 13.1MB
Format: Mp4
Link: Click for MF link

If you have taken anything, do leave me a comment at here or at the chat box on the left. Thank you.


w-inds. 2010 calendar information

Release date has changed from initial October to November 15 (2009.11.15)
Price: 2,500yen (incl tax and carriages)
Size: B2 wall tapestry
Category: w-inds. collection

Pictures of the calendar will be from their Sweet fantasy concert.

Info is from Vision Factory

Kind of reminded me of their calendar during Journey's time. haha! Pre-order is out as well! You may get it at all local CD or bookstores (for those who resides in Japan) and for international buyers, pre-order is out online!

Here is another preview of the calendar. KEITA!! haha!

New World/ Truth ~最後の真実~のジャケット

Here are the jacket (cover) for w-inds. new single, which will be released on 2009.12.09.

Version A

Version B

Regular version (this should be the cover). But if there is any correction, I will correct it.

For info on their tracklist, please refer back to my older post at here


[DOWNLOAD] Keita@Ohitorisama

This is the cut scene from the first episode of Keita's scene only. haha! Just a preview for w-inds. fans who can't watch the entire drama yet while waiting for the DVD or some people upload it.

I just can't stop laughing at Keita's acting, to be honest. Even Keita himself call himself a lousy actor in his blog yesterday. haha!

He is cute! hehe! Gonna buy this DVD for sure.

Download here: Keita's scene from Ohitorisama (Ep 1)

Do leave me a message if file has been taken.


[DOWNLOAD] Kirei da@Bokura no Ongaku

Here is the download for Bokura no Ongaku, Kirei da's performance. A collab between the main vocalist, Tachibana Keita with Sukima Switch.

A superb performance indeed! Keita looked he had fun singing as well. hehe!

File type: mpg
File size: 34MB++
Uploaded site: Mediafire
Dl link: Click here!

Do leave a comment if you have taken it.

Ohitorisama screen cap (Only Keita) + Bokura no ongaku

Here are a few screen caps of Ohitorisama, which started on its first episode today.. since it's past midnight now, I shall say it was yesterday. haha!

Let's take a look at these screencaps.

Him playing PSP? haha!

Keita didn't drink anything even though there is a beer-like can on top of the table and Teppei was drinking tea.

Ooooohh! What was he looking at from his laptop. wahahha! Looks cheeky. lol Alright he was looking at the school's history that Teppei is working at. hehe!

Bokura no ongaku.

On the same day, bokura ongaku was aired after ohitorisama. It features Keita singing Kirei da with Sukima Switch. They had so much fun and the performance was indeed so awesome!


w-inds. New World [Full version]

Here is the full version for w-inds. New World.

I personally think this song is superb! I must say, it's much better than rain is falling. haha!

The melody is catchy, bubbly and bouncy.

And every w-inds. fans are super excited because Ryo and Ryu have a solo line each that is longer than something that they had in Ameato.

I have been reading many comments saying Ryohei has such a nice voice, how come he can't have any more lines? hehe!

No matter what it is, this song is definitely awesome!

Check it out!


w-inds. 27th single [New World/ Truth ~最後の真実~] Promotion audio

Here is the promotion audio for w-inds. upcoming single, New World.

I am loving this song already. the beat is catchy and bouncy!

Ryohei and Ryuichi have solo lines too!

Interesting huh.

I have already pre-ordered all the 3 versions.

Have you fans pre-order your copy already? hehe!

Here is the embed clip of w-inds. latest single's song, New World. Lyrics and music arrangement by Ryosuke Imai.

An ending theme song for Dcotor House, season 2.


w-inds. Taiwan Promotion bus

These are the promotion that Taiwan is doing to promote w-inds. upcoming tour in Taiwan.

Pretty cool huh.


Update on Ohitorisama

This entire drama, the main cast will be Arisa, who will be supported by the lead actor, Teppei. Arisa is a teacher in her 30s and soon she fell for her colleague (Teppei, who will be Shinichi) who is 10 years younger than her. Soon, they move in and stay together and from time to time, it will be shown a difference between their status, thinking/ maturity, age gap and etc. It shows a generation gap between the 2.

Teppei's character earns not much money as well. Keita, on the other hand, character's name is Harada Hiroyuki who is a university mate of Teppei who lives with him (his housemate). As it's written that Keita will be a regular, I am not quite sure is that mean he is going to have a few short scenes every now and then throughout the entire drama or he will only appear on episode 3 as it's stated earlier on.

Keita has recently attended a program at TBS call [オールスター感謝祭] ~ All Star - Thanksgiving Day to promote their upcoming drama, Ohitorisama. There are 2 pairs of actors and actresses from that drama (Arisa, Teppei Koike, Matsushita Nao and Tachibana Keita).

Matsushita Nao is a classical pianist cum actress who has released a few singles and album.

I am not sure is Nao's character a partner of Keita in that drama because since Teppei and Arisa are lovers; hence I am not sure what's the relationship between Nao and Keita's character in the drama. Anyhow, let's just wait for it.

Here are a few caps from the program [オールスター感謝祭].


橘 慶太(w-inds.):ドラマ「おひとりさま」出演決定!!

This story is about women in their 30s who are still single in japan. haha! of course love story between teppei and arisa, whose age gap is 10 years in between.

Illustration: Whenever a single woman walk into a restaurant or something, when asked how many people? It will be sad to know "Ohitorisama", means just one person. But this drama is saying it's not a bad thing afterall. This is one cheerful and fun drama.

keita is a housemate of teppei.. teppei lives in keita's house to be exact. keita doesn't have a full time job and he works as part time. he is a very cheerful guy and many girls like him. haha! sounds like a player to me. lol.

he and teppei were classmates. so, i think keita won't be around just for 3rd episode. Throughout the drama, it will have him a little bit here and there since teppei lives in his house. so perhaps, throughout the drama, keita will be there but scenes will not be that many.

Keita's comment on this drama: He said that this is his first actual acting job and so he is super nervous and super sensitive. He thinks that both acting and singing too are able to reach out or connect to people at the same way.. in terms of expressing emotions. He said he wanted to really enjoy this new working environment.

Well, Keita, I am really happy that you are able to try out new things but i really hope you to stay in music industry more T__T haha! Don't overwork yourself.

So, fans, Ohitorisama will start on air on 2009.1016@TBS. Don't miss out yeah! ^_^

Orignal source: TBS


w-inds. 27th single [New World/ Truth ~最後の真実~]

Here are the information for their upcoming single.

The official news has announced the following for w-inds. new single

Title: New World/ Truth~最後の真実~ (Saigo no shinjitsu) The last truth - Double A-side single again!!

Version A: New world/ Truth ~最後の真実~
What's inside the CD: A christmas live invitation card (by drawing lots as per usual) for the event in Tokyo on dec 19.
DVD: will include a PV of new world.

1.New  World ※今井了介氏 
4.New World(Instrumental)

Version B: Truth ~最後の真実~/ New World
What's inside the CD: A serial card for w-inds. X'mas live event (by drawing lots) same as above for the event in Tokyo on dec 19.
DVD: A pv of Truth ~最後の真実~

2.New World

Regular version: New world/ Truth ~最後の真実~
What's inside the CD: A serial card for w-inds. X'mas live event (by drawing lots) for the event in Tokyo on dec 19.

1.New World

So, as per usual, they are going to have 3 versions for this double A-side single. The pre-order is out now. So, place your order now!! I believe this is going to be one big hit!

Sources from: Shinseido

w-inds. new single announcement!

According to Vision Factory, w-inds. new single has been confirmed!!

Yay! Finally! haha!

Date of release will be 2009.12.9

The title of the single will be New world (Finally, not a double A-side single this time). hehe!

This song will be the ending theme song for Nihon TV drama call doctor house (Season 2).

I just wish this single will release at the same time as their concert dvd. hehe!

Alright, that's it for now. Stay tune!

Original source: Vision Factory