Another World additional live

Ryohei and Ryuichi tweeted that there will be an additional live for this year's live.

The date will be on 12/18 (December 18) at Yokohama Arena. Further information will be available at FC's postcard.

So, please wait for it~~

Wow! Winter concert? So cool. haha! So, perhaps they aren't having any Christmas live this year then?

Wait.. I have a feeling that this year too they aren't going to participate ... or can't take part in Kouhaku?

Wow! I guess I have missed 2 years of Kouhaku? Ever since w-inds. didn't take part, I have stopped watching Kouhaku entirely. hehe!

Anyway, Keita has changed his hairstyle.. which I am going to change mine too next week. hehe!

He permed it. haha! Still, I prefer his blonde hairstyle if compared to this. But oh well, Keita's hairstyle won't last long. So, no worries. hehe!

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