w-inds. Tachibana Keita's Ameba blog ranking

Wow! Recently Keita's blog at Ameba is skyrocketing the chart in Ameba ranking. haha!

When he started off his Michishirube's blog on his solo debut at the year of 2006, he got the first prize for being the most popular blog at Ameba and then right after that, his blog has gone down the hill because he hardly renew. haha!

Lately, his blog shoot up again dramatically and fans have been saying it's due to the power of w-inds. + DBSK. LOL! Well, I do believe that his friendship with the boys especially Jae Joong will help fans from both groups to notice one another.

In addition, his latest entry, which was about going to karaoke with Jae Joong, Yoo Chun and Jun Su, the entry titles "Ohisashiburi", the comment for that entry is ranked at 2nd place for having the most comments. hehe!

Here are the rest of the ranking.

The overall ranking. Yesterday was 7th place and now 3rd place

Under music category. For his latest entry of "Ohisashiburi". Yesterday was 10th and now 4th.

Born in the 80's category. Yesterday was 31st and now is 12th.

Comment category. For the latest entry "Ohisashiburi". 2nd place

Congratulations to Keita! You have regained the glory of your blog once again. LOL!

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