w-inds. Christmas event reports (1)

After completed both Hong Kong and Taiwan's concert, recently w-inds. was busy with their promotion activities for their new single, New World/ Truth ~最後の真実~. On the other hand, their record company has held a Christmas live receiving 2,200 fans attended the live where w-inds. danced and sang a total of 7 songs included their new songs, New World and Truth.

Apart from that, they celebrated Tachibana Keita's and Ogata Ryuichi's belated birthday on the stage as well. Their live DVD, which was held in Hong Kong will be on sale on next year February.

Reports from another news.

It has been reported that Sweet Fantasy live DVD in Hong Kong will be released in the middle of February next year in Japan.

w-inds. has recently held a Christmas event on December 19 in Tokyo, receiving around 2,200 fans attended the live. w-inds. sang and danced a total of 7 song, and a belated birthday celebration was held for both Keita and Ryuichi as well. Chiba Ryohei pushed out a big strawberry cake on stage, surprised both Keita and Ryuichi.

Ryohei asked both of them to express their feelings and thoughts, Keita said the following year, he will be close to stepping into 30 year old, he can't help but to have a slight crisis feeling. haha!

What it meant by crisis feeling at above is, a feeling of stepping into the 30s (sort of like a mid-life crisis) that is a common thoughts among the Japanese regardless of male or female. haha!

On the other hand, if it's based on the reports as above, the DVD release has changed from January 27 to mid February? Let's wait for more official announcement from their web or management or record company side.

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