[SCREEN CAPS + DOWNLOAD] 第51回日本レコード大賞

w-inds. has just finished performing their Rain is Falling with GD.

It's another awesome performance!! I love it love it..

GD's hair is ... cute. haha! Looks very much like a mushroom style eh. haha!

Ryohei has bleached his hair to blonde.

Ryuichi's hair.. curly?

Keita's hair is as handsome as ever!

Love the performance!! I just can't stop screaming while watching it. hehe!

Here is the screen caps.

Because I was capturing this while watching it; hence I captured not many. haha! No worries, will upload the performance once it's available. hehe!

So, keep checking and waiting yeah.

Here is the download


  1. Following the reply from youtube vid...

    Did they won because GD is there, too? (BigBang won the new artist award) Anyway, I'm glad that they won.

  2. I was joking about the reason they won.

  3. And I'm glad that Ryohei-san was able to perform successfully (no accidents) even when he's severely injured.