w-inds. Christmas event reports (3)

w-inds. Tachibana Keita expressed his fear of being old.

w-inds. has recently ended their Christmas live on December 19 together with their 2,200 fans celebrated Christmas in advance.

They performed a total of 7 songs included their most recent released, New world and Truth.

After the live has ended, when the event was at its end, Ryohei suddenly pushed out a big birthday cake to the stage, the reason being was to celebrate both Keita's and Ryuichi's belated birthday. Tachibana Keita has expressed his fear of being getting older; while Ryuichi on the other hand, laughed and said "My thoughts is more towards the positive side because we are just 24 year old."

In addition, they took the opportunity to announce the news of concert DVD release as well that it will be released on next year February, 10th (2010.02.10).

Their concert DVD is out for pre-order already since 2 weeks ago. Hurry up and pre-order yours now today if you haven't done so. Keita, Ryuichi's right! 24 is not old at all. haha! Even if you are 30 is still young. Don't worry!! ^_^

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