[SCREEN CAPTURE + SHORT STORY] Precious moment from 第51回日本レコード大賞.

Haha! I just can't get enough of yesterday's night moment and I did a few screen capture of the moment of them walking down the stairs with GD before their performance. haha!

This is purely for fun yeah.

First of all, once they came out from the door, Ryuichi walked so freely by raising up his feet so high up to walk.. I guess he wanted to tease Ryohei of his injured leg. haha! Of course not! I was just kidding. hehe!

After that, Ryuichi kept looking at Ryohei and smile and he kept looking at Ryohei's leg to check if he is alright. haha!

Then Ryuichi asked Ryohei "Ryohei-kun, are you alright? Can you walk? Do you need my help? He held out his hand to Ryohei."

Ryohei looked at his hand and said "Aww.. Ryuichi-kun, you are such a kind person. I am so touched by your concern."

Ryuichi then said, "I really admire your professionalism Ryohei-kun. You are my idol right now." Ryohei laughed and told Ryuichi, "Ahh! Ryuichi-kun thank you so much.. but I actually learned it from you though. haha!" *Recalling how Ryuichi injured his leg during Yoyogi live* Then Ryuichi said "Come! Let's put up a good show yeah!"

Ryohei then held out his hand to shake Ryuichi's hand and said "Yup! We can definitely put up a good show for everyone tonight."

Then both Ryo and Ryu were laughing happily ever after and they neglected Keita behind them. T__T Anyhow, because Keita saw them laughing so happily, he too was laughing ever brightly. Then GD-san was looking at them 3 and wondered "Why are these 3 guys laughed so happily? Their relationship must be really good." hahah!

Last but not least, Keita will never forget to use his mesmerizing eyes to kill off their fans to end the show. haha!

What I have written up there are all created by me of course. haha! It's not real. lol

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  1. I thought so, I thought that Ryuichi-san was actually caring for Ryohei-san! That's nice of him!