[DOWNLOAD] New World at Music Fighter + Rambling

WOOHOO!! Celebrating my 100th post! Can't believe that I have posted so much in such a short period of time. haha! Though not many fans are following my blog and commenting on my blog, I do know many fans are visiting my blog everyday!

Thanks to google analytics. wahahahha! But that make me "kinda" sad at the same time. While I can see many beauty blogs and etc blogs are flooded by followers and comments, why is that so many people visited this blog everyday yet none are leaving me messages? haha!

I guess my blog about w-inds. aren't attractive or interesting enough for followers and comments. But anyway, I do not want to upload all of w-inds. DVDs, albums and singles for downloads just to attract more viewers because I am a w-inds. supporter to encourage fans to purchase the originals. The reason why I said this is because there are some fans who have suggested me to do so. Oh well... no, I am not buying this idea. haha!

Alright, enough with my pathetic rambling. hehe! Christmas had just over a day ago and am here presenting you with another download of their last performance of New World at Music Fighter.

There will be one more performance from them at CDTV annual special but not sure what song are they going to perform yet.

I think Keita's voice was a bit trembled in this live.

Get the awesome performance at 4shared.

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