w-inds. Christmas event reports (2)

w-inds. held a Christmas live on December 19 in Tokyo with the attendance of 2,200 fans celebrating Christmas in advance.

After the performance has over, Chiba Ryohei pushed a big cake from the backstage to the stage, the reason being was to celebrate both Keita's and Ryohei's belated birthday, which were on last week's Wednesday (16th) and Thursday (17th).

At the same time, they took the opportunity to announce that their earlier concert in Hong Kong, the DVD will be released on next year's February 10th instead.

In the meantime, there were some netizens spreading the rumor of Tachibana Keita's younger sister, Tachibana Mio being fired news. It's said that her name was being removed from the Japan's official web name list, but the management didn't announce any termination news by far.

Reports from different article.

Reports of the Christmas live is the same as above.

After the live, one of the members, Chiba Ryohei suddenly pushed out a big cake to the stage to celebrate a belated birthday for his two close brothers in the group, Tachibana Keita (12.16) and Ogata Ryuichi (12.17). In addition, Ryohei invited 10 fans from the audience to get on stage to deliver their birthday wishes to both Keita and Ryuichi and such gestures caused Keita and Ryuichi to be deeply moved.

Finally, as for the concert DVD news in Hong Kong, it will be released on next year February 10th.

Alright, then I believe the DVD release date has changed from 2010.01.27 to 2010.02.10 because it's announced by w-inds. themselves.

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  1. Thank you for the news. I wish I can get it before my b-day (Feb. 13).