Merry Christmas to w-inds.!!

Wow! Hong Kong fans are really really passionate eh.

They made all sorts of cards and gifts to send it over to w-inds. and they have a representative to bring it over to them.

This female journalist, I think she has been interviewed w-inds. many times for many years already. haha! I am sure w-inds. will recognize her by now.

So, HK fans have made all those cute cards and gifts and she brought it over to them. Here are the pictures. Soooo lucky!! Lucky for both sides. Fans are so lucky that w-inds. got their stuffs and actually look at it.

w-inds. is so lucky to have fans like them.. and like us. haha!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone. Have a great holiday season ^_^

Oh btw, did I mention that I really really love Keita's new hairstyle? haha! It's even better than the one he had it in New World PV (the hairstyle at the back of the PV). haha! I just love his hairstyle right now. The cut, the way it's style, the color.. suits him very much!! LOVE IT!!

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