w-inds. in Taiwan report (3)

Smart and stylish looking Japan's pop group, w-inds. has arrived Taiwan on the 13th.

After 2 years apart, w-inds. came back to Taiwan for concert and as soon as they stepped out from the arrival hall, fans were proposing insanely to them. Recently, Tachibana Keita has been rumored that he and Matsuura Aya were secretly having a grocery date together, since Keita already has a partner; hence he can't accept fans' proposal.

As soon as w-inds. arrived the hotel, fans were already arrived waiting for them and many reporters too attended to interview and welcome them. When asked are they not afraid of the flu virus? Ryuichi said he will wash his hands regularly and Ryohei has already put on his mask before he got down from the car and Keita said that since he hasn't gotten any flu since little, he believes in the future too he won't get it.

When they were asked of the proposal, w-inds. answered "When we were in Hong Kong, we didn't see any but when every time we come to Taiwan, there will be fans proposing." Keita said "This is a difficult request." When Keita was asked about the news of him and Matsuura, he acknowledged that even though he doesn't really cook, he does go to supermarket to have a little stroll alone occasionally.

Out of the 3 members, Ryuichi is the best cook. Ryuichi said that he loves to watch his mom cooks when he was little and he feels like she is performing a magic and now that he has grown up, he has learned those magic too. Even though he cooks well, the other 2 members have never get the chance to try his foods before. Ryuichi said "Even though I have never cooked for them before, we do often eat out together." And Keita giggled and pointed at Ryuichi and said "He always forgot to bring his wallet and I have to pay for him." Then Ryuichi smile and said "Yeah! It's just a coincident that I always left my wallet at house."

Note: The report about Keita and Matsuura, the newspaper wrote it as if it's true that Keita is dating her but in reality no one knows. Keita doesn't acknowledge nor deny it. So, hope fans won't start to spread the rumors around. Heard from another news said that Keita happened to bumped into her in the supermarket and was spotted by the Japan's media and that's how it all started again. Keita too said it at above that he occasionally goes to supermarket ALONE!

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