[SCREENCAPS] w-inds. at Music Fair + X'mas live event

Here are a few screen caps of w-inds. appearing at Music Fair.

Their first New World performance on TV station. hehe!

Ryuichi and Ryohei look so back behind. haha!

Ended with pretty smiles! Charming~ ^_^

Their performance of New World. Totally cool! I really love this blue outfit of theirs especially Keita's.

Group performance.

On the other hand, w-inds. Christmas live event will be on December 19. So, for those of you who are buying their upcoming single, take note of the event tickets in there yeah. haha! Of course same process going to apply as per always. You need to go through the application, draw lots thingy and etc.. in order to get the ticket for the event. I wonder if they are going to do the same thing as last year, which they shook hands with those 1000 fans at the end of the show where fans were on their way out the exit door. They were hysterically excited. haha!

Keita and Ryuichi's birthday are just around the corner. What are you fans up to? Any plans? Hehe! I plan to make a cheesecake for them. So, do expect to see a cheesecake video up on that day. lol

Well, that's all for now. Cheers!

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