Tachibana Keita's appearance in Baby Baby Baby

Here is a short movie that Keita appeared in between late last year and early this year.

Looking at his hairstyle, of course this isn't recent movie. haha! I mean not as recent as Ohitorisama. This movie was actually shown around May this year and the DVD released on November this year itself.

Anyway, so, he works in a chemist store and Arisa came in to look for something.

When Keita asked is there anything else?

Arisa whispered and asked "Do you have the test kit?"

Then Keita asked what kind of test kit?

Then Arisa was embarrassed to ask and she was like.. ahh that's alright.. no worries. haha!

Before she walked away, Keita said "Ahh! It's pregnancy test kit right?" hahah! So cute.

Here are a few screen caps.

Looks like this is the 3rd time that Keita appeared in Arisa's movie/ drama. haha!

Due to this is a short cut, so, I don't bother to upload it here for download as i have sent to most of you from my youtube (only applicable for those on my private listing). hehe!

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