w-inds. departure in Taiwan

Japan's idol group, w-inds. left Taiwan in the afternoon. Keita, who is wearing pink long sleeve shirt, Ryuichi at the back and Ryohei who is with cap at Ryuichi's back. Many fans were there to send them off saying goodbye to them and w-inds. waved their hands to them saying goodbye to the fans.

Fans were pushing trying to get as close as possible to their idols while the staffs were trying their best to fence them off. Coincidently, Korean idol, Andy (Shinhwa's member) was leaving Taiwan at the same time too; hence police worked extra hard trying to keep fans stay in the restricted line but as soon as their idols appeared, fans can't stop screaming their head off for their idols, snapping pictures and pushing their way closer to their idols.

In order to prevent any injuries or accident, police had put up the lines for the fans not to cross over in advance.

Keita with his pink long sleeve shirt patiently waited for people to pass through the gate and fans became more and more aggressive trying to get closer to them and it's reported that there was a fan who got pushed down by others but luckily no serious injury. Keita didn't get affected by it and still having his smile on his face constantly and he constantly wave to the fans saying goodbye to them. Later, he enters the VIP pathway to boarding.

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