[DOWNLOAD] Keita's scene at Ohitorisama ep5 + screen caps

Here are more screen caps from Ohitorisama 5 and as per usual, it's only Keita's part. hehe!

So, Harada was working part time at the cafe where Akiyama and Sawai with their own partners went to.

Harada saw Shinichi and called him and he told Shinichi that he is working part time.

Later, Harada asked "Are you guys having double date at here?" Then Shinichi said "well, not really.." Then Sawai happily said "Seems like it!!"

Then Harada asked Shinichi to have nothing to do with her. haha! Can't Harada see that Sawai is not interested in him?! He has to repeat his name every time he sees her. lol.

After he saw Akiyama, he was like "Ohh! Aren't you the one that he is living with?!"

He blew that out of proportion and gave everyone a shocked!

Akiyama then said "Living together?! NO WAY!!" and kicked Shinichi. Then Shinichi quickly said "Well, we are the one who are living together.. funny isn't it?" and grabbed Harada out of the sight and asked to keep quiet about it.

On another scene where Harada was doing his push up having Sawai's photo pinned up right in front of him as motivation and every time he does one push up, he was calling "Kimika-san!!" Sawai's first name.

He is one silly boy. haha! I wonder where the heck he got Sawai's photo out of nowhere?! haha!

Download this clip at here

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