[DOWNLOAD] Truth~最後の真実~ PV

Finally the PV for their new single has aired on MTV Japan channel this morning.

It's really refreshing!! It looks more like w-inds. documentary in HK with their fans involved, people around them and all. It is different from their previous PV where it doesn't look like studio-done or PV-like PV. It looks really fun, natural and documentary-like PV instead.

I really love this PV though. hahah! though not so much into the song, I love the PV concept. Their first overseas PV ever. Love it!!

Ryuichi seems like a photographer here. haha! He jumped into the pool! The hotel's pool is really nice! I guess they closed the pool at certain hours for them when they were using it eh. haha!

Keita with his pink shirt is so striking! He looks so good in pink ^_^ Can't wait to see the dance move for this song but I guess they are not going to have any performance of this song at MF, MJ or CDTV. I guess even their Music Fair was New World. No worries since I like New World more, I don't mind. haha!

Perhaps during their X'mas event they are going to perform Truth.

Tomorrow will be New World PV. I totally looking forward to this PV as I love this song a lot! haha!

Alright, here is the download for this PV. Enjoy~ Don't forget to get a copy of this single of theirs yeah. 2009.12.09 on sale!!

File name: w-inds. Truth~Saigo no shinjitsu~ PV
File size: 26.0MB
Format: avi
Download link: Mediafire (Click it)


  1. Thank you very much. It's really like document, rather than PV for the most part.

  2. thanks so much!!!
    i love this mv.. cuz its in HK !!! hehehe