[SCREEN CAPS] Keita@Ohitorisama ep6

So, this episode was about Harada asked a favor from Shinichi to ask Sawai out for a date for him.

So, he went up to Akiyama's house and when he pressed the door bell, Akiyama was like "Who could this be at this time?" Then she saw him and was like "This guy... as she recognizes him from the cafe." Then Shinichi said "Ah! It's Hiroyuki." Harada with his cutest smile ever. haha!

When he got in, he handed over a present (as in meeting gift - when someone goes to someone's house, it's polite to bring some gift to the host.) and said "Though this is nothing much, please accept it." Then Akiyama was like "The thing about this guy (referring to Shinichi)..." Then Harada quickly responded "Don't worry! I won't say a thing to anyone." Then Akiyama said "Alright then.. I am taking this present and moved away."

When Shinichi asked Harada what was he doing at there for? Shinichi whispered in his ear. He was actually asking for a favor to ask Sawai out for a date.

The next day, when Shinichi successfully helped Harada to ask Sawai out, he went to meet her but she was surprised to see it's Harada instead of Shinichi. The student girl who likes Shinichi was there too but she was happy to know that the one who asked Sawai out is not Shinichi but Harada. When Harada explained everything to Sawai that it's him who wanted to ask her out for a date, she was really disappointed and excuse herself to leave. When Shinichi saw her disappointment expression, he was really disappointed too. That student girl asked him to cheer up!

Then at night, Harada called Shinichi to tell him that things didn't work out and said she was looking forward when she thought she was having a date with Shinichi and when she knew the guy wasn't him, she was disappointed. Then Shinichi was like "Eh?!"

I guess Harada knows it clearly now that Sawai likes Shinichi and that he has no chance anymore. Awww.. his disappointment makes me sad too. haha! Here are the screencaps.

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