[DOWNLOAD] w-inds. New World PV

Here is another double A-side single's PV of theirs, New World.

I do love this PV as well. Though it's not as casual and fun as Truth, this PV is total coolness.

At least it's different concept from all their previous PVs and it has really shown their maturity in this PV.

Some fans might find it boring but I find it cool. haha! The way they walked in at the beginning, it's pure stunning. Keita and his sunglasses have become 1 now. haha!

When they walked out from the car towards the end, total coolness. I love it!

I love both Truth and New World PV equally as it presented different concept and feelings but songs wise, of course I prefer New World more. hehe!


File name: w-inds. New World PV
File size: 50.56MB
Format: mpg
Link: Mediafire (Click it!)

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