This year confirmed Kouhaku artists' list.

My biggest yet expected fear has turned into reality. This year too w-inds. is not participating.

Why oh why?!! Even though they are having X'mas event this year, they can still join Kouhaku right? I guess once again I am going to boycott Kouhaku this year.

Do you guys know that NHK is very strict in selecting their artists to perform in their station? I heard that whenever an artist has some unpleasant rumor or scandals surface on the media, big possibility is NHK won't invite that artist to appear on their station. Not sure how true or strict they go with the selection of artists and I hope this has nothing to do with w-inds. of not going last year and this. Since Keita has persistent rumor/ scandal? with Matsuura Aya on and off.

I guess this won't be the reason or whatsoever. Just mentioning it. Also, this has cleared the perceptions of w-inds. fans that last year they didn't go wasn't due to SPEED went because this year SPEED too is not going to attend yet w-inds. isn't on the list. *Sigh*

So, here is the confirmed list of artists from both male and female.


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  1. What?? Mizuki Nana? I'm still glad for Perfume to be in Kouhaku.