w-inds. New Album (Another World)

Are you fans ready?!

It's w-inds. new Album's info!!

New album has been decided.

Title: Another World (2 versions)

Price: 3,990 yen
DVD consists of: 6 PVs that come in the past 3 double A-side singles.
                           2009 Fan Club foootage

CD only
Price: 2,940
First press: Comes with w-inds. and Usavich collaboration IC protection sheet.

Release date: 2010.3.10

That's the information for now. Tracklists and all are not out yet. Please! I want don't remind me!! Please include don't remind me in the album!

Reminder: This information doesn't come from any of their official site such as w-inds.tv or Vision Factory nor any official CD site such as Shinseido. I will only 100% believe this info when any of these site updated it.

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