CDTV voting + まっつぐ~鎌倉河岸捕物控~ shooting

It's around that time of the year again right? For CDTV voting. haha!

It's a vote for 「恋人にしたいアーティスト」. Which artist that you want him to be your lover.

I remember when I first started to like w-inds./ Keita, he was already in CDTV top 10 list until now. haha!

I have just voted for him again. You can vote as many times as possible.

So, all you have to do is to go to CDTV website, fill in the name of the artist, your own nickname, which prefecture you are from, your sex and age range.

Note: if you aren't from any of the prefecture, just select the last option 「その他」 will do.


On the other hand, Keita's shooting for his upcoming Spring drama has been identified. haha! It's at Tochigi-ken (栃木県) Kantou area. It's about a few hours away from Tokyo and hence it's believed that Keita might not be able to go back to Tokyo for quite some time due to filming. Due to the fact that he is the main character and so, there will be more scene of him. Therefore, chances of him being there will be quite long. So, I guess in the meanwhile all w-inds. activities will be put aside or is scheduled between the schedule where he doesn't have to go filming on that day.

But thinking of the fact that he has to travel to and fro Tochigi and Tokyo T__T Anyway, the shooting place is very not congested and of course not as busy as Tokyo. I believe they are going to have a good time shooting there.

That's all from me. Until my next update, have a nice weekend. ^_^

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