Tachibana Keita in a new drama?!

AGAIN?!!! Oh no! Why?!!

I almost got a heart attack watching Ohitorisama and I hope that will be his last..

But why?!!!!!!!!! I don't think I can take it anymore. haha!

It's said that he is going to be in this winter's drama.

Not as a regular but going to be appear in certain episodes.

If there is any new info, I will keep you guys updated. Hopefully, I got it all wrong. lol

I don't want to get another cardiac arrest. sigh. hahah!

Edit: Alright! It's all just my false illusions and misunderstanding. haha! Keita will only appear in that magazine this month's issue. hehe! Phew! I am so relief right now. LOL! Silly me, I know. haha!

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