Keita in Australia?

According to some Korea and Japanese fans of DBSK, they said that Keita has gone to Australia with Jae Joong.

As I have mentioned earlier on my youtube that w-inds. will usually get a one week or so holidays during New Year and some Japanese fans did see Keita appeared at Narita airport as well.

If this news is true, it shows that Keita and Jae Joong are really close eh. I mean instead of going with their own members, they gone together. haha!

These 2 guys... haha!

We'll see if Keita will mention about this vacation or not yeah... if it's true. haha!

Note: Sorry that I wrote Italy earlier on.. it was actually Australia. Due to my chinese limitation, I thought that word is Italy but when I used the translation engine, it's actually meant Australia. ^^; haha! Ohh someone left me a comment saying Jae Joong, Yoo Chun and Joon Su are in Australia right now through a fancam. We'll see if Keita is there with them or not. haha!

Anyway, the fancam that was mentioned earlier is this.
Truly can't see Keita around eh. So, did he actually go? haha! We'll see and we will know it soon.

Fancam of them 3 in Sydney

Edit: Ohh! By the way, there are fans in Australia said Keita was seen in Melbourne yesterday; hence that's why today's fancam did not have Keita but even Keita is with them, I think Keita will go the other way. Ahh! So many speculations right now on where is Keita. haha! Hopefully he will tell us about it after his vacation. hehe! so now us fans are saying, if it's true that Keita was seen in Melbourne yesterday and DBSK arrived Sydney today, then they aren't going together. Coincidentally, these guys are heading to Australia? lol Some DBSK fans said that the DB boys are there for works and some said no. But if it's a vacation, then why would there were fans waiting for them in the airport with cameras and banners? Shouldn't it be a private holidays? whereas Keita has no fancam or whatsoever.. it's just a word of mouth so far.. hence if it's true, Keita is having a private vacation to Australia. haha!

Oh well, oh well.. let's wait if Keita will mention anything about this.


  1. actually jaechunsu & yoochun lil bro yoohwan is in Sydney right now!!from fancam ~ but i donno weather keita is there too i can't see him~ maybe he just say farewell! at the airport to see them off!