Tachibana Keita in his new drama.

I wasn't at home lately; hence I can't update anything but now here is a quick update for his new drama.

Japan's idol group, w-inds. lead vocal Tachibana Keita is going to play an ancient role from NHK drama call "Mattsugu~Kamakura Kawagishi Torimono Hikae (まっつぐ~鎌倉河岸捕物控~)", which will be aired on Saturday during April. This will be his first leading role in a drama series and also his first participation in ancient era play.

Tachibana Keita's participation in last year's October drama "Ohitorisama", took up the supporting actor role and that was his first participation for drama series, and now on his second role has instantly earned him a leading role.

His role is playing someone who doesn't care on what matter, he will boldly move forward, young man. Keita has expressed his first experienced on putting on a headgear by saying "I think I am very suitable with this kind of image/ dress up but I do not know what will others think about..."

w-inds. is constantly been compressed/ pressured by the Johnny's idols group and in many of the program shows, as long as there is Johnny's artists participate, usually and mostly, w-inds. isn't allow/ permit to participate as well but this time, Keita has used his own strength to defeat the Johnny's and is picked by the NHK to play this leading role in their upcoming drama; causing many people to believed that the Johnny's empire power has started to slide.

Here is a pic of his role. I find this really funny. haha!

2010.4.17 start!
Time: 19.30~20.00
Casts: 橘慶太 (w-inds.), 中尾明慶, 小柳友 (ooh! Handsome. haha), 南野陽子, 松平健 and etc.
So, if this drama is all about how a man work very hard to strive forward all the time no matter what happened, minus all the lovey-dovey story, then I will watch it. haha! If there is going to be any love story, which I am not sure.. but heard some fans said that it does, then I will not probably watch it. haha!

I need to save my heart as well from being attacked suddenly. hahaha!

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  1. So... I guess: "Congratulation for getting the role and defeating Johnny's entertainment!"