w-inds. 8th album (Another World) updated information!

Here is an update information on their new album, Another World.

Alright, I must say this news is for real!! Shinseido has updated the info and so I can say that I believe it 100% now. haha!

Some songs list has been confirmed and released and the rest aren't yet. Here are the name of the songs that will be included in the album.

Tracks list:

Can't get back
Rain is falling
Hybrid Dream
New World
Truth ~最後の真実~
Don't Remind me
In the Red

*The rest is unknown yet. A total of 15 tracks.

As for the DVD it's going to have the past 6 PVs from the past 3 double A-side singles.

Everyday PV
Can't get back PV
Rain is falling PV
Hybrid dream PV
New World PV
Truth ~最後の真実~ PV

Special bonus:
Rain is falling (FCLT version)
※ It's a live performance footage from their fanclub tour.

I must say that I am not too keen for what's in the DVD as I have bought all the previous 3 double A-side singles; hence I have all those PVs but it could be a bonus for fans who didn't buy the singles or didn't buy both version A and B singles or fans who bought just the regular versions. Anyhow, I want to watch their FC version of Rain is falling. haha! I am going to buy both versions as per usual. Aww.. there goes my plan for hair coloring. Have to postpone again due to saving money for their albums. hehe!

Will update more on their covers as well as the rest of the songs in the album. I am so excited!! Don't remind me is in the album!! I am so happy!!!! Hope that you fans are as happy as me as well. hehe!

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