w-inds. 8th album "Another World" ~ from Vision Factory

Alright, here is another update from Vision Factory announcing the release date of their new album has been decided, which increases and strengthen the reliability of the news. haha!

But then Vision Factory has only released the 6 tracks from their 3 previous double A-side single, whereas the rest of the extra songs that Shinseido released yesterday aren't mentioned by Vision Factory and it's yet to be confirmed.

First press regular edition will come with an IC protection sheet. It's a w-inds. x Usavich collaboration character ZUMUSHABIN, which was designed/ drawn by Keita, which is suitable to be attached to cards such as Suica, Pasmo and etc.

Pre-order is out now and I have just pre-ordered mine, both editions. Have you pre-order yours yet? hehe! Do support them by purchasing their album.

w-inds. New Album Release決定!
「Another World」

PCCA.03126 \3,990(税込)
◇VIDEO CLIP 6曲(曲順不同)
・Rain Is Fallin'
・New World
・Rain Is Fallin' ~FCLT 2009Ver.~

PCCA.03127 \2,940
・w-inds.×USAVICH コラボレーションIC保護シート

・Everyday (NTV「THE・サンデーNEXT」エンディングテーマ)
・CAN'T GET BACK (NTV「スーパーチャンプル」エンディングテーマ)

・Rain Is Fallin' (NTV「江川×堀尾のSUPERうるぐす」テーマソング)
・HYBRID DREAM (NTV「秒ヨミ!」テーマソンク)

・New World (NTV「Dr.House」シーズン2 エンディングテーマ)
・Truth~最後の真実~ (TBS「あらびき団」エンディングテーマ)



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