w-inds. Another World album's cover

Here is the jacket for both limited edition and regular edition.

I must say, I was shocked when I saw that! Haha! Was it their make up or was it being photoshopped? They look so different! haha!

Oh wow!! Really really unique. Indeed it's their another world eh. Another world of them to us fans too. lol

I am so excited now.

w-inds. fans, PLEASE BUY THEIR ALBUM TO SUPPORT THEM! If we don't support them, they are not able to go on. PLEASE PURCHASE THEIR ALBUM!

Pictures taken with a mobile phone.

CD + DVD version. Very western ancient type of photos. haha! I really wish they can show the jacket shoot for this album T__T

Regular edition.

Here is another pic that's related to the jacket. I think it should be photoshop eh. Ryohei looks so different. haha! Love this pic! This pic is their newest profile's pic at VF site.                                                                 

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