[ANNOUNCEMENT] For w-inds. updates

This is my own announcement. haha!

I will be truly busy from now on until the 23rd. Reason being is, I am preparing for my exams. hehe!

Hence, I won't be updating on w-inds. stuffs much and won't come in here as much as well.

I will update it whenever I have the time but I am sure most of w-inds. visitors of my blog are also members of some w-inds. forums or community out there. So, I am sure you guys are not going to miss out much if I am not updating at this moment of time. haha!

Alright.. 'til then, hope you guys are well and keep supporting w-inds. Some fans were asking me to do some announcement on their project of w-inds. upcoming single on twitter. Do check out the chatbox on the right for the info yeah.

Note: When I am not updating do not mean I am not updating myself with w-inds. stuffs. haha! But updating on myself and updating here do take different efforts and time altogether. hahah! But anyone who wish to share something with me, you are more than welcome as I won't be able to know EVERYTHING out there. haha!

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