[DOWNLOAD + SCREENCAPS] Addicted to love PV

Let's see some screencaps. Overall, I really really love this PV. I love this better than New World.

Love the concept; however, I don't understand why must they use a caucasian woman rather than a Japanese model? haha! Does it make the PV look more international?

Even though the dance is not as intense as new world, the dance steps are really catchy. Suits the move of the song a lot. Keita is looking like a player with this style; however, I am liking it. hahah! But to be honest, Ryo and Ryu do not really have that much of screen time but not very less either.

And why must Keita be the one who was holding the model's hand instead of Ryo or Ryu? haha! Was it due to he is the lead singer? Was it because he is the tallest? Or was it because his hair color matches the model the most? whahahah!

Anyhow, in general, I really love this PV. It's good to see that they came up with a different concept in every PV. I saw some people said it's a combination of new world and rain is falling? Well, I don't see that at all. haha! I can't wait to watch the making for this PV ^_^

So, for those who want to watch it, don't forget to buy the limited edition yeah. Also, this is a medium quality PV and I don't plan to upload a HQ because if you want a HQ, you will be able to own it by purchasing their limited edition single.

Here is the PV download at 4shared


  1. hello!
    how's it going?
    finally the PV! one word: it was great!
    the idea is good and I really liked the decor!
    umm yeah, the dance is not rocking as new world but it's nice to learn, too!
    I think the caucasian woman was cute and added to the beauty of the pv.
    KEITA! I'm not going blame your hair anymore hehehe!
    all of them are sooooo something I can't express their cooling ^o^
    It's very cool I love it. thank you my dear. I have to thank u in Arabic so SHUKRAN! ^_^
    I'm excited to show this awesome pv to my friends.
    yau yau! I can't wait to see the making, It sounds I'll wait for a long time 23-6!

  2. This is probably my all time favorite from them all out of one play! I absolutely fell in love with this pv and song right from the start. I've never been so compelled to a song in such a long time. Thanks for sharing this. The choreography really draws me in. I really want the dvd version but.. i dont get why the dvd version is the price it is for just addicted to love song on cd-.- I can only afford one of the singles and its really disappointing. Just getting that one would be a waste of my money imo. now if i got both it would be a diff story. i guess thats just my selfish self -sigh- tough decision..thanks again! ^___^%

  3. lady: haha! i don't usually fancy keita with blonde hair but this time, i don't know why for some reason, he actually looks good with blonde hair. haha!

    shinjite: if i am on tight budget and can buy just one version, i will choose to buy the limited edition.

  4. I can´t to wait for the single, I too buy the limit edition.
    I love this song and thank for the pv ^_^

  5. marionnoda: yay! really can't wait for the single eh. never had been this excited! even though i am excited with each of their new release.. but this is more excited than ever. lol

  6. i LOVE this video and omg Keita is SO hot in this one (not that he's not hot in all of them lol). i think they only used that Caucasian girl because she's the one that's actually singing in the song. she's from Velvet Angels - or, at least that's what i read somewhere. they definitely could've chose someone better looking, not to be mean or anything.

  7. yuna: is the model velvet angels? i don't remember hearing or reading anywhere that the model is velvet angels? anyway, i could have missed it somewhere. is velvet angels her name? all the while i thought it's a group? haha! anyway, i didn't pay much attention. all i know is, she is in a program call "learn japanese" or something.. can't exactly remember the program. it's a japanese show that has many foreigners learning and speaking japanese. even the white lady (model) in New world video is taken from that show too.